Join the Health Revolution.


It Saves.

Vera Whole Health offers a revolutionary model of healthcare management that allows companies to provide better, more appropriate care at a measurable reduction in cost.

Savings After First Year


Net Savings
(for self-funded employers)


Premium Reduction
(for fully-insured employers)


Return on Investment

up to 60%

Workers Comp. Savings

It Works.

It's the ultimate in corporate wellness. The components of our system amount to more than the sum of their parts; They transform the health of your company and make the model sustainable.

Onsite Health Clinic

One of the greatest benefits of the clinic model is time. As much time as employees need with their provider. Less time away from work. Improved productivity, decreased absenteeism.

Health Coaching

Vera health coaches are certified experts in the transtheoretical behavior change model. They boost employee health and well-being by helping them become highly motivated and empowered to change unhealthy behavior.

Health Culture

We help you create an employee-run Whole Health Council that acts as a direct line of communication from the clinic to your company, and a marketing channel to help you maximize participation.

It Fits.

The right care to the right people at the right time.

Inside and Out

It's the best in employee health. Vera Whole Health works in parallel to your existing health plan and delivers comprehensive, appropriate care to your employees via an on- or near-site health clinic.

Primary Care

Employee Wellness

Acute Care

Occupational Health

It Delivers.

Integrated Care Management for high-impact results. Vera has the data to identify who it can impact most and the systems in place to engage, intervene, serve, support, and better manage their care.

Integrated Care Management