Changing market conditions and the long-term effects of COVID-19 mean one thing for certain: payers will need to be prepared to pivot if they want to earn a competitive advantage in 2021.

Here’s a list of three timely resources designed to help you strategize for the year.


1. Why now is the time for value-based care (and the best way to deliver it)

To maintain an edge amidst constant changes in healthcare, payers need to continue making pivots as they did in response to COVID-19. The next opportunity is moving toward value-based care, which allows payers to improve the member experience and more effectively control the total cost of care. 

This guide explains the essentials of value-based care and provides a blueprint for payers to successfully implement a proven value-based model: advanced primary care (APC). 

Explore the guide to learn how investing in APC allows payers to: 

  • Gain control over the member experience
  • Engage members with personalized outreach
  • Improve members’ health outcomes
  • Give providers more time to spend with patients
  • Control the total cost of care

Click here to read the full guide: Value-Based Care: What It Is, Why it's Important, And The Best Way To Deliver It



2. How to differentiate your Medicare Advantage plan by investing in primary care delivery

This resource is for payers who want to attract and retain more Medicare Advantage (MA) members by offering a member experience that stands out from the competition. It explains how payers can achieve this competitive advantage by gaining control over primary care delivery.

Inside this resource, you’ll find a concise overview of the health challenges that have a significant impact on MA populations. You’ll also learn how Vera’s APC model  can improve your MA member experience by handling their biggest challenges: 

  • Complex or multiple chronic health concerns 
  • Limited access to primary care providers
  • Over-reliance on costly specialty care 
  • Fragmented care from multiple providers

The results are better access to preventive care, better management of complex conditions, a more personalized member experience, and improved CMS star ratings. 

Read the rest of the resource to learn how you can offer a better experience to your MA members and gain a competitive advantage by investing in primary care delivery through the APC model. 

Click here to download the FREE guide: How To Differentiate Your MA Plan By Investing In Primary Care Delivery


3. Take telehealth to the next level 

2020 accelerated the adoption of telehealth beyond any previous expectations. Patients have embraced telehealth at an unprecedented rate and even those who haven’t yet say they’re interested in trying it.

Consumer adoption of telehealth:

  • 11% in 2019
  • 46% in 2020
76% of all respondents are interested in using telehealth in the future (McKinsey)

Payers who are looking ahead to 2021 should consider that investing in telehealth (or virtual care) is just the beginning. They also need to strategize ways to ensure equitable access to telehealth and measure how effective it is at improving health outcomes for every patient.

Click here to read the full in-depth guide: Why Telehealth Is Essential: What You Need To Know To Care For Patients Wherever They Are


This resource explains how telehealth can enhance primary care by improving access. You’ll also find information about: 

  • The financial benefits of investing in telehealth
  • How to ensure telehealth and virtual care services are equitable and data-secure
  • How a blend of telehealth and in-person care leads to better health outcomes

Read the full guide to telehealth to learn more about the challenges of adoption and how to maximize the benefits of this new, essential method of care delivery. 

Now is the time to think about how to gain a competitive advantage in 2021. As healthcare continues to evolve, we’ll continue to help payers differentiate the experience they offer to members.

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