Our primary goal with all clinic promotion is to get patients into a Vera clinic for their first visit. From there, the clinical experience speaks for itself and is powerful motivation for repeat visits.

To learn more about the Vera clinical experience, read our white paper: A new clinical experience that’s breaking the healthcare mold.

We suggest centralizing content in a few places to make it easy for employees to access information as they explore their new clinical services and learn how to best utilize them.

1. Standalone Website  

We create a customized website for each client, so that patients have a place to visit and explore all that their Vera clinic has to offer.

This site is a place for people to come back to again and again, as it always features the most up-to-date clinical information. It offers details about:

  • Clinical services
  • Clinic team bios
  • Clinic hours and contact information
  • Upcoming events
  • Health forms
  • FAQs
  • Links to the patient portal and other resources

2. Company Intranet Site

Another great way to provide easy access to clinic information is to dedicate a section of your intranet site, ideally located alongside other health benefits, to provide information and to help people find answers to their questions about clinic offerings.

Linking from your intranet to their Vera clinic website allows employees to always have the most current information at their fingertips.

3. Easy Physical Takeaways

Using handouts, flyers, and posters can be a very effective way to capture the attention of employees where they spend time. Some clients have put flyers up in bathroom stalls and posters in employee break areas.

We provide a flyer each month with current clinic information to be distributed physically or digitally in the workplace. You can use the content from our materials in your organization’s newsletters or employee emails. We also mail postcards home once a quarter to remind people of the resources available to them. These in-person, tangible pieces can be powerful outreach vehicles.

Together, these three promotional vehicles provide employees with the consistent information they need to be well informed about their on-site clinic. Keeping the content fresh and interesting, while connecting employees to consistent resources, allows them to make decisions in their own time, when they are ready to engage.

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