“The Affordable Care Act is surviving. Advocates say it could be thriving.” Colby Itkowitz, The Health 202: Trump is trying to gut Obamacare. But it hasn't worked. Washington Post

Employers know that health insurance has been getting more and more expensive with each passing year. In a recent article in the Washington Post, writer Colby Itkowitz discusses how the uncertainty of the Affordable Care Act could spell higher premiums and more insurance woes across the country.

Uncertainty Brewing in America’s Insurance Marketplace

“Since President Trump took office, the law has been under attack by the White House and the Republican Congress, both rhetorically and practically,” says Itkowitz.

As Republicans and Democrats squabble over insurance issues on Capitol Hill, organizations are left to wonder how all the political grandstanding will affect them at the end of the day.

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For employers looking to get a handle on their company’s health insurance costs, that uncertainty could spell trouble further down the road as insurance companies look to balance losses with premium increases across the board.

“Premium rates for 2019 will raise the cost of insurance for the tens of millions of people who purchase insurance from the individual markets,” notes Itkowitz.

Those rising costs could translate into tough decisions for your organization when the only alternative is a high deductible plan or reduced benefits. Unless you do something totally different.

Vera Resolves Uncertainty

With Vera, employers have the opportunity to get into the healthcare business and end uncertainty with their own benefits. Vera offers employers the chance to provide care directly to their employees at an on- or near-site clinic.

Employees get all their preventive care for free or minimal costs without having to worry about rising premiums. For employers, higher engagement at an accessible clinic with dedicated care teams translates into healthier employees and reduced claims costs.

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