“Employers are playing a more "activist" role in the effort to bring down costs. That includes shedding traditional ways of paying for healthcare and focusing on treatment outcomes, more efficient delivery of care, and better access to services.” Aon: Employers working to keep healthcare premium increases down, HRDrive

Employers are increasingly unwilling to pass off rising healthcare costs to their employees. A recent survey conducted by Aon found that 2018 saw a 3.5% increase in healthcare premiums. Yet, employers only increased employee premiums by 2.2%. How employers reduce costs for employees varies. Let’s look at the most common strategies.

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Cost-Cutting Strategies

Aon’s survey of 497 large U.S. employers noted several ways that employers are reducing healthcare costs. Here’s what they found to be the most common strategies.

  • Assisting employees to find high-quality, low-cost care and access to digital and telehealth services
  • Utilizing high-performance networks dedicated to chronic health conditions
  • Exploring the cost-saving benefits and improved outcome potential of value-based care

Why On-Site Clinics Are The Best Solution

On their own, none of the approaches listed by Aon offer employers a long-term solution for rising healthcare costs. But, an on-site clinic can integrate all three approaches.

On-site clinics…

  • Offer high-quality, low-cost, accessible care to employees at no cost to them
  • Can include digital and telehealth services, plus health coaching and pharmacy services
  • Provide highly coordinated care that drives positive health outcomes, especially for those with chronic conditions

Aon predicts healthcare costs will rise another 3.5% in 2019. How will you and your organization react when cost-shifting is no longer possible?

Hundreds of million of dollars are spent on research. Little progress is made. Costs continue to rise, and Americans are sicker than ever before. Where does this leave employers? Learn more by downloading our FREE resource: The Definitive Guide to Evaluating On-Site Clinics.

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