Baylor College of Medicine and Vera Whole Health announced the launch of a new primary care benefit for Baylor employees at the flagship Vera Whole Health Care Center to open in Houston.

Baylor selected the Vera advanced primary care model to drive positive health outcomes, and high engagement and satisfaction, at a reduced total cost of care. A network of five Vera Whole Health Care Centers staffed by Baylor Medicine physicians is planned for the greater Houston metropolitan area to serve employers in the region by 2023.

The first and largest-of-its-kind Vera Care Center will open mid-July in the heart of the Texas Medical Center with a capacity to serve 40,000 employees.

“Baylor College of Medicine is one of the most highly respected health organizations in the world and we’re thrilled they chose us to provide care to their employees. With the ability to leverage our Baylor partnership to provide the best advanced primary care to Houston employers, we have a unique opportunity to transform the health ecosystem.”

- Ryan Schmid, CEO of Vera Whole Health

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