Vera Whole Health became the first direct-to-employer on-site clinic provider in the U.S. to earn a Certificate of Validation by the Care Innovations™ Validation Institute this February. The Validation Institute’s review of Vera substantiates our claims of cost-savings and better health outcomes.

More than ever, employers are establishing on-site clinics like Vera as a key component of their benefits plan. In a survey of 148 organizations by the National Business Group on Health, 54% of respondents said that they were planning on opening an on-site clinic in 2018. Over two-thirds said they plan to open one by 2020. These employers must evaluate the methods and results of on-site clinic providers as a critical part of performing their due diligence.

The Validation Institute has already done some of the due diligence for you. We’ve shared some of the details of the certification below.

What Is the Care Innovations Validation Institute?

The Validation Institute is made up of independent scientists and statisticians who work to provide third-party, unbiased evaluations of organizations that include health plans, vendors, and employers. To earn a Certificate of Validation, an organization must demonstrate that their services and results stand up to rigorous scrutiny.

How did Vera earn a Certificate of Validation?

Vera’s cost outcomes measurement methodology was reviewed by the Validation Institute to compare our actual results with properly estimated trends. Their review demonstrated that Vera’s on-site clinics, health coaching, sustainable culture change practices, and robust informatics deliver lower costs for employers.

What does certification mean for you?

  • Validates that a Vera on-site clinic will reduce overall healthcare spending for you and your employees
  • Justifies Vera’s 100% money-back guarantee as protection for your investment
  • Accelerates your due diligence process

Validated results meet proven outcomes in client case studies

The Validation Institute’s review substantiates Vera’s claims. Looking at case studies provides an inside look at actual results.

The City of Kirkland launched their Vera clinic at the center of their benefit strategy in 2015 to reign in skyrocketing healthcare costs and create positive health outcomes long-term. Thorough preparation, clear communication, and accessible incentives enabled the clinic to achieve 90% patient engagement in year one. High engagement caused costs to drop quickly and after only two years, the city saw a 35% reduction in claims and 15% net savings in overall healthcare costs, bending their claims trend.

Check out the results from another one of Vera’s clients, Seattle Children’s Hospital, in our white paper: Two Truths About Patient Engagement And Healthcare Costs

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