Last month, on our Careers blog, we shared the exciting news that our coach onboarding training is an approved program by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) for the education and training of health and wellness coaches.

Our health coaches are integral to the Vera advanced primary care model, guiding members to achieve lasting behavior change.

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Health coaching’s place in the Vera model

Vera health coaches are embedded members of the care team and guide patients through each stage of change to take ownership of their own health. They help members reach their health goals through:

person-rotating-arrows_icon_vera_1Behavior change and the Transtheoretical Model:

Experts estimate that 70% of healthcare costs are related to poor lifestyle choices. Behavior change is key in improving overall health.

Humans are natural creatures of habit. Behavior change takes time, patience, and practice. It’s also highly individualized: the approach that works for one person may not work for another. The Transtheoretical Model of Change (TTM) acknowledges these challenges, and offers a framework for success.

TTM establishes key stages of behavior change to understand where a member is at in their own journey. The model also identifies critical processes that are known to support members in moving toward the next stage.

This care model provides the framework for health coaches to develop an understanding of member goals, as well as any obstacles they may face in achieving them. Working closely together, they are able to create a roadmap for lasting behavior change.

person-heart_icon_vera_1Support for people in taking charge of their health journey:

Health coaches take the time to discuss what is happening in members’ lives and how this may be affecting their overall health. Through a holistic understanding of a member’s life - relationships, financial stresses, etc, health coaches develop a sense of trust and commitment with members.

two-people-+_icon_vera_1Clinical collaboration among coaches and medical providers:

At Vera, collaboration among coaches and providers is deeply embedded into the care model and personalized for members.

A Provider may identify a member who would benefit from coaching to accomplish health goals and consult with a coach about how best to engage the member. Or, a Coach working with a member may consult with the member’s provider to ensure they are aligned on the medical implications of the diet, exercise or other changes a member seeks to make.

The transformative results of health coaching

A recent two year post-coaching observational study, led by Vera’s Chief Medical Officer Kevin Wang, demonstrates the impact of collaboration among coaches and providers. Members engaged with a provider have improved biometrics (health measures), not surprising. Even better, members who meet with both a provider and a health coach have even more significant improvements.

Results from the study included members who previously had abnormally high blood pressure. After engaging with a provider, 54.3% showed an improvement over the baseline. After engaging with a provider and a health coach, 72.2% showed an improvement over the baseline. Collaboration delivers improvements.

Vera Coaches Have National Board Approval

Vera members can have confidence in their Vera health coaches, knowing that they are trained to the National Board level. This builds trust with providers, knowing that the work they do with members is from the highest industry standard.

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