Advanced primary care puts empathetic listening and patient engagement at its center and uses behavior change to improve health, which in turn drives down overall healthcare costs. The most efficient and effective way to deliver this type of care is through a dedicated clinic (we call them care centers).

Below, we unpack several key cost-saving benefits to partnering with Vera. Learn how advanced primary care and a dedicated care center delivers ROI:

Vera_icon_$-with-check1. Up-front costs pay themselves back in less than 12 months. Our care centers are a proven, effective solution to improve health outcomes while driving down costs, often delivering ROI within the first year.

Vera_icon_building-with-$2. Onsite care centers are proven to lower costs. Vera care centers are staffed by dedicated providers and teams, and are equipped with the resources to meet most of your employees’ healthcare needs. This means better cost containment as referrals, claims, and absenteeism go down.

Vera_icon_+-$3. Most healthcare is provided at the primary care level. This leads to fewer claims and specialist referrals. Employees who can get the treatment they need, when they need it, are less likely to wait until more expensive care or a hospital stay are necessary.

Vera_icon_person-exclamation4. At-risk patients cost less to treat. Employees managing chronic illnesses or infirmities can avoid worsening their conditions and reliance on expensive treatments. In addition, their Vera team will build a comprehensive care plan focused on optimizing health, not symptom control.

Vera_icon_people-with-+5. Improved population health. An onsite (or near-site) care center minimizes the obstacles between your employees and their healthcare, increasing engagement and helping to establish a robust culture of health in the workplace.

Vera_icon_paper-with-star6. They’re more effective than traditional insurance plans. Advanced primary care paired with a traditional insurance plan will drive down both claims and healthcare costs. An onsite care center allows employees to bypass the frustration of waiting, rushed appointments, and unpredictable care quality. It also allows them to get the majority of their care at the care center so that they only utilize their insurance when it’s truly necessary.

Our results are compelling:

  • 17-21% reduction in total healthcare costs
  • 1.441 ROI in the first year
  • 31% reduction in primary care claims
  • 34% reduction in inpatient claims

Learn more about how investing in advanced primary care and a dedicated care center can improve health outcomes and lower costs throughout your organization. Download The Definitive Guide to Evaluating On-Site Clinics today.

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