A benefit strategy that's both effective and affordable is the ultimate dream. But for most employers and HR leaders, that's all it is — an unrealized dream.

But what can you do?

Some organizations have turned to Band-Aid fixes like bolt-on employee health programs. Others shift their costs. But these efforts won't solve the root causes of expensive, ineffective healthcare. And employers are left feeling that they’ve completely wrung the towel dry.

What’s needed is an entirely different approach. That's where an on- or near-site clinic comes in ...

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Today, more employers, including Amazon and Apple, are crafting a new benefit strategy centered around an on- or near-site clinic. But is it right for you? Consider these questions:

  • What are your core values as an organization?
  • Are you tired of redefining your benefit strategy every year?

Reassess your values as an organization


All employers who wrap their benefit strategy around an on-site clinic have a set of core beliefs in common. Before you do anything, take a step back and evaluate your philosophy as an organization.

  • Is employee health a cornerstone of your organization’s culture?
  • Do you believe improved health equates to improved productivity?
  • Is attracting and retaining top talent a priority?

An on-site clinic fundamentally changes the way your employees receive healthcare. Instead of shifting costs and juggling third-party employee health vendors, a clinic focuses on providing high-quality primary care. Also, an on-site clinic provides integrated health coaching and free, generic prescriptions filled on-site.

Clinics reduce costs. They improve population health. And are huge for organizations who are committed and willing to invest in the well-being of their employees.

Get out of healthcare’s political mess


Wrapping your benefit strategy around an on- or near-site clinic isn’t just a solution for this year. It’s a way for you to get out of the cycle of yearly benefit strategy reboots. And you’re not tied to the consequences of political uncertainty or annual negotiations ... because you own your employees' source of healthcare.

Before you sit down to craft your new benefit strategy, consider an on- or near-site clinic as a real solution that doesn’t force you to go back to the drawing board every year.

Better yet, learn more about on-site clinic solutions by checking out our eBook: The Definitive Guide to Evaluating On-Site Clinics.

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