Every year, Vera Whole Health creates an annual report for each of its clinic locations. The report identifies trends in patient engagement, ROI, clinical quality, and patient satisfaction, as well as other key data. Recently, the Vera on-site clinic for the Northern Arizona Public Employers Benefit Trust (NAPEBT) celebrated its two-year anniversary. The trust includes six public entities that include Coconino County, the City of Flagstaff, and the Flagstaff Unified School District.

Their performance report shows significant gains in patient engagement and cost savings, especially for high-risk populations. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.


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Patient Engagement

NAPEBT’s patient engagement numbers highlight the Vera commitment to turn non-engaged employees into engaged patients. With effective communications strategies and optimized outreach efforts, Vera and NAPEBT’s HR teams were able to increase patient engagement across the board:

  • 10% annual increase in distinct patients visiting the clinic and 4% increase in employee engagement
  • 23% annual increase in clinic appointments
  • 63% increase in total primary care visits since pre-Vera

Vera also saw significant increases in engagement for high-risk populations. Compared to national averages, the clinic achieved:

  • 37% higher engagement for hypertensive patients with normal blood pressure
  • 24% higher engagement for diabetic patients with normal A1c
  • 4% higher engagement for patients with a normal BMI

Cost Savings

High patient engagement translated to improved population outcomes and lower costs. Even though patients were utilizing more primary care services than ever before (62% increase since pre-Vera), costs went down significantly.

High patient engagement translated to improved population outcomes and lower costs.

  • 24% ROI for total eligible population and 20% ROI for continuously eligible population
  • Vera-engaged population was 36% higher risk, yet cost 23% less than non-engaged (risk adjusted)


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Outreach and Clinical Experience

NAPEBT’s clinic success relied on key outreach efforts that promoted engagement and optimized the patient experience, leading to a patient satisfaction score of 4.7 out of 5. Over the course of the year, Vera staff and NAPEBT’s HR staff worked in partnership to lead the following outreach and clinical experience improvement efforts:

  • 21 biometric screening events
  • 9 coaching on-site events (lunch-and-learns or micro-workshops)
  • Clinic capacity increased by 6 appointments per day (30 per week/1,560 per year)
  • Seasonally, added 12 urgent care appointments per day


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NAPEBT’s success reflects the same proven results and outcomes we strive for at all of our clinic locations. 

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