Molly already had a great doctor. “A very, very good primary health doc.” She had chosen her because she had exceptional reviews and had won a top doctor award in Seattle.

But when her employer installed a Vera clinic on site a couple of years ago, Molly decided to check it out. She was shocked when her Vera providers uncovered two significant health issues. And addressing them has changed her life in completely unexpected ways.

“I love going to the Vera clinic. I feel deeply fortunate to have this service." — Molly, Seattle Vera patient

When Molly first met with Amy, a Vera family nurse practitioner, Amy asked a surprising question. “How is your sleep?” Molly told Amy that she could compete with Rip Van Winkle. She could sleep and sleep, and needed a lot of it to feel well.

She shared that her husband complained about her snoring and joked that she probably had sleep apnea. Amy said that it’s often the sleep partner who is able to identify sleep issues and recommended that Molly take a sleep test.

“I took the test, mostly to prove to my husband that I was totally normal! Turns out I did have severe sleep apnea!” Her CPAP machine is now her best friend and her husband now says that she sleeps “like fresh fallen snow in the forest.”

After her sleep issues were resolved, Molly told Amy about her chronic lower back issues. Amy asked to see her feet. Turns out her arches weren’t just high, they were modifying her gait so much, it caused severe foot and back pain. After Amy recommended custom orthotics, Molly has reduced her back pain and can now go on the long hikes she loves without pain.

Molly says “the Vera staff are always embracing, and spend the time to listen, question and understand your health issues. That time, and honestly just looking into your face instead of typing into a computer make such a difference. I love going down to the Vera clinic and feel deeply fortunate to have this service. I wish everyone had such wonderful healthcare opportunities.”

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