Every day we see more proof of forward-thinking employers taking the issue of rising healthcare costs into their own hands. Some of the creative solutions we're hearing about are amazing — driving real innovation in healthcare. And the results? Improved outcomes and reduced costs.

Here's an example of a company’s experiment to reduce healthcare costs that produced exciting results.  


Take one part incentive

Five years ago, a state-of-the-art gym was installed at the headquarters of 3Form, a materials manufacturing company based out of Salt Lake City.

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Along with the gym came a new rule: employees who used the gym and met specific health goals would earn credits toward their health insurance premiums. The incentive worked.

After five years, employee participation grew enough so that 3Form could offer all employees a free month of healthcare.


Add one part on- or near-site clinic

The gym wasn’t the only thing that 3Form added. A new on-site care center gave employees quick access to high-quality primary care, health coaching, and free, generic prescriptions filled on-site.

Over time, the gym and the clinic worked in tandem to create a culture of behavior change within the company. Employees not only had the right incentive to improve their health, they were empowered to sustain healthier lifestyles.

The fact that costs continued to drop, and that 3Form will see no increases to their health insurance premiums in 2019, is icing on the cake. 


Enjoy rewriting the rules of healthcare

Here's what 3Form’s experiment means for you: you have the power to craft a healthcare strategy that’s unique to your business goals and culture.

For an increasing number of employers, a new, game-changing approach to healthcare includes putting an on- or near-site clinic at the center of their benefits strategy.

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