As a CFO, you’re responsible for ensuring the financial fitness of your company.  An unhealthy workforce reduces productivity and increases your healthcare costs. With strong employee engagement, a 5-15% reduction in medical spend and similar gains in productivity are attainable. If your employee health program isn’t achieving at least 70% engagement delivering savings is challenging.  Are you seeing the engagement you need to generate ROI?

Here are four topics to discuss with your HR team to build and sustain engagement:

  1. Review your medical claims data and zero-in on the chronic conditions and the risk factors that contribute to them.
  2. Survey your employees to understand the programs that are most meaningful to them.  Programs tailored to what employees want and need will drive engagement. 
  3. Spouse and dependent participation magnifies engagement. Ensure all your members have opportunities to engage.
  4. Identify a single program that satisfies most of your employee health needs. Multiple vendors can create duplicative costs and complexity is a barrier to engagement.

A thoughtfully designed employee health program with strong employee engagement drives financial fitness. Including an onsite clinic as the hub of your employe health strategy is a powerful solution that generates substantial ROI in 2-3 years. 

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