After the contract is signed for your new on- or near-site clinic, it’s time to announce to your employees.

A new approach like an on-site clinic is a big deal. And sharing the big news is exciting. This is the perfect time to start setting the stage for employee engagement. Major healthcare changes can cause anxiety, and showing employees how to view their healthcare experience differently starts from that very first message.

A Strategic Guide to Planning and Launching an On-Site Clinic

The path to launching an on-site clinic demands hard work, dedication, and a strong commitment to establishing an effective partnership with your on-site clinic vendor.

We hope that this guide will serve to answer any questions you have about the planning and launching process, and prepare you for the transformation an on-site clinic should drive within your organization.

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And your employees are not the only ones receiving the big news. Your announcement should also include communications to the local community and your shareholders.

Take an inside look at the fourth chapter of our recent eBook:  A Strategic Guide to Planning & Launching An On-Site Clinic, to learn how to set your clinic up for success from the first announcement.

How do I share this big news with my employees to encourage high engagement?

Focus on the benefits for employees, not features. Here are some things you can get your employees excited about:

  • Accessible location
  • Exclusive access
  • Free primary care
  • No wait times
  • Longer appointments
  • Free generic prescriptions filled on-site


Launching an on-site clinic or care center is an opportunity to show the local community your organization values its employees. The specifics of your announcement depend on the character of your community.

Launching an on-site clinic or care center is an opportunity to show the local community your organization values its employees.

Rural Areas 

Rural areas with fewer healthcare resources may benefit from a more discrete announcement. Talk with local providers and healthcare organizations personally. Share how you can collaborate to provide the best solution for all members of the community.

Urban Areas

Press releases work well in urban areas where personalized connections aren’t feasible. Your message is about investing in employee health, while also being mindful of the clinic’s effect on other systems and providers. Opening your clinic will pull employees out of other healthcare systems and away from some providers, but the result for everyone is quality care.

Key Stakeholders

Focus on the overall value and long-term investment an on-site clinic offers. It makes your company more attractive to top talent, improves productivity, and reduces healthcare costs long-term. All of these benefits positively impact stakeholders.
Communication to stakeholders should also consider any relationship issues your clinic may create between other branches of your business, other healthcare providers, and other organizations that are aligned with your stakeholders.

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