Launching a clinic or care center is a big job. And deciding on the right partner is key to the success of the entire project.

Take an inside look at the second chapter of our recent eBook:  A Strategic Guide to Planning & Launching An On-Site Clinic, to learn how to choose the right on- or near-site clinic vendor for your organization.

Chapter 2: How do I navigate the complex world of on-site vendors?

Narrow down your list of potential vendors to two or three, and then take a deeper dive into each one.

There are no shortcuts here, you’re about to embark on a long journey with one of these clinic providers.

Here are some steps to consider before moving into your purchase decision:

  • Visit a site to see how a vendor’s clinic looks and operates.
  • Talk to providers and patients to see how their experience with this model compares to a vendor’s claims.
  • Ask for client references to validate cost savings.

As you move closer to a decision, request presentations from your final vendors for your leadership team. Examine their solutions for issues specifically related to your population. When you understand a vendor’s proposed approach you can move confidently into your purchase decision.

Purchase Decision

It’s critical that you enter a purchase decision with all members of your core decision-making team already on board. Ask lots of questions, embrace a discovery-oriented process, and make a commitment to move forward as a unified group of collaborators.

The purchase decision phase also represents an early opportunity to form a solid partnership with your on-site clinic vendor.
Don’t be afraid to get what you need, vendors are there to help. You’re going to invest a lot of money so you want a partner, not a sales rep.

Expect some growing pains during the purchase decision.
As legal teams work to iron out the details of your partnership, there will be challenges. Keep up your motivation and focus on the intent of your pursuit: a long-term solution that will improve the health and well-being of your employees.

Ready to dive in? Download your copy: A Strategic Guide to Planning & Launching An On-Site Clinic

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