Establishing clinical scope makes your care center unique. Population data, claims history, and employee information will help customize your services, provider specialties, and needed training.

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Every clinic or care center is different. But each should include a primary care provider, nursing staff, and full-time health coach.

The goal is to provide an array of services that are uniquely matched to the unique needs of your organization. Your vendor should analyze your claims data and work with you to determine what services your clinic will provide.

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The hours your clinic is open should reflect employee schedules. For employers who keep standard business hours, setting clinic hours is fairly straightforward. If your organization employs individuals who work on the weekend or swing shifts, hours need to be adjusted. This may mean opening the clinic on Saturdays or keeping it open late on some weekdays.

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Dedicated care teams are at the heart of a successful clinic. Choosing the right providers, nurses, health coaches, and medical staff is critical. The process of staffing starts early, often before contracts are finalized.

Your vendor should reach out and work with local associations to establish partnerships and build brand recognition — searching for providers with backgrounds, experience, and approaches that match with the services your clinic will offer, your values, and your culture.

Throughout the hiring process, your vendor should work with your HR team to determine the perfect provider fit for your organization and its employees.

Providers are evaluated in multiple interviews that measure their clinical competency and cultural fit. Throughout the hiring process, your vendor should work with your HR team to determine the perfect provider fit for your organization and its employees.

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Provider on-boarding can last between 1-3 weeks, giving them the chance to practice in the clinic and to start integrating into your organization. This is the point, for example, when Vera would engage them in the Vera Way.

The Vera Way begins when providers are hired, ensuring that their values align with Vera approaches to care, including a passion for empathetic listening, behavior change, and patient empowerment.

Empathetic listening skills and additional training in Vera’s coach approach are key to successful patient- provider interactions. Because Vera care teams work collaboratively, these skills also have a positive impact on team dynamics.

Beyond initial training, all staff participate in “booster shots,” once-a-month training exercises designed to build on Vera Way best practices and hone provider care approaches.

This type of training is vital to success. Make sure to press your vendor on their process as you get going.

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