Membership satisfaction is key for payers who want to stay relevant and competitive in an evolving market.

Advanced primary care (APC) is an ideal solution to meet the varied needs of a varied membership base, whether as part of a larger network of care or centralized to a near-site or onsite care center.

It improves the experience for individual consumers, group consumers, and Medicare Advantage consumers by streamlining notoriously complicated and costly healthcare processes.

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Integrating advanced primary care


APC is a healthcare methodology that improves health and drives down costs. It can be implemented through a traditional healthcare plan or through dedicated care centers.

It’s healthcare that emphasizes time-rich appointments, empathetic listening, and strong patient-provider relationships. Its key principle — that behavior change is the key to health — is bolstered by additional services that include:

  • An advanced informatics platform to assess and identify health risks
  • Care coordination for high-quality (but low-cost) specialist care, including follow-up and incorporation of additional treatment and prescribed medication into the patient health plan
  • Health coaching to guide, support, and provide information at every step of behavior change so that patients feel confident in taking control of their own health

APC delivers 80% of healthcare a patient needs through dedicated care teams. This helps to build a level of trust and accessibility that encourages patients to see their providers more regularly, before needing expensive acute or emergency care.

Onsite dispensaries, behavioral health services, physical therapy, and other customizable care (like Spanish-speaking care teams and extended hours of operation) add further value and convenience for employees visiting a care center.

Improve health, market share, and member satisfactionVera_blog-graphics_happy-patient

As your members see improved health, along with lower costs and increased utilization, they’ll begin to understand the scope of benefits that advanced primary care offers. This in turn sets payers apart from the competition, adding value and solidifying market share.

When added to new or existing plans, advanced primary care delivers incredible results in just the first year alone:

  • 17-21% reduction in healthcare costs
  • 1.44:1 ROI in Year 1
  • 34% reduction in inpatient claims
  • 67-82% patient engagement
  • 4.7/5 average patient satisfaction rating

APC provides the advantage of allowing payers greater control of member satisfaction through greater quality of care. Making it a direct-to-employer or direct-to-consumer offering shows a commitment to meeting member needs and a willingness to innovate.

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