The process of launching an onsite clinic doesn't end on opening day—the hard work, dedication, and partnership with your onsite clinic vendor involved in setup are just the beginning.

The biggest strategic decisions about your clinic's operation need to be driven by rich claims data and informatics. But, especially during the launch phase, you shouldn't be alone in this.

Your vendor should work with you to identify areas for improvement and optimization, and determine next steps for implementing those changes.vera_graphic_report-optimization-graphs-charts

Representatives from human resources, business operations, finance, and your core decision-making team should all be a part of the process of analyzing this data. The challenge is waiting to receive your first claims data report so you can get started!


Rich claims data and informatics drive the biggest strategic decisions about your clinic’s operation. Your vendor should work with you to identify areas for improvement and optimization and determine next steps for implementing those changes.

In addition to claims data, your annual report will include data on:

  • ER visit reduction
  • Disease screenings
  • Engagement
  • Medical spend
  • Completion of regular preventive care visits
  • Repeat visits
  • Patient satisfaction 

What to expect

Expect claims to fluctuate. For some businesses, they drop right away; for others, there are temporary increases. You’re providing a more accessible, higher quality form of healthcare than your employees have ever had, and each population has a unique set of needs.

Look at it as a "reset"—once considerations like cost are no longer impacting whether your employees seek medical care, you're getting a more accurate view of the services they need. Very soon, the whole health model begins to take over, and this biopsychosocial approach to care helps your employees get started on the path to better health.

Addressing health issues early leads to fewer serious problems down the road. You could see a temporary fluctuation in claims, but expect a significant, sustained drop in your spending trend. 

Hypothesis and optimizations

You know your employees. Before the clinic or care center ever opens, you’ll have a rough idea of what your population’s most common health issues are. Claims data will reinforce that hypothesis and offer clear insight to optimize your clinic.

No two clinic or care center launches are identical. Each comes with its own unique set of challenges and setbacks. But there is one thing all clinic launches share: they all start from a committed decision by employers who want a better solution for their organization and their employees.

Vera has launched clinics all across the country, in urban areas and in rural communities. We’ve seen firsthand how easy access to exceptional care can drive positive outcomes and bend the trend in rising healthcare costs. We know what it takes to plan and launch a successful clinic, and we’re ready to get started on yours.

Don’t let rising healthcare costs continue to force you to balance benefits against budgets. Take control and start creating a better future. It’s not an easy road, but it works, and we’re here to help.

If you want an overview of the whole process, consider downloading our eBook A Strategic Guide to Planning & Launching An On-Site Clinic

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