When the City of Kirkland sat down to design their benefit strategy in 2015, they wanted a solution to a seemingly impossible problem: how could they reduce healthcare costs and improve benefits? The answer came from Keith Robertson of Alliant Insurance and Vera Whole Health, who partnered with the city to implement an on-site clinic at the center of the city’s new benefit strategy.

Read about the City of Kirkland and Robertson’s work in our new white paper: Benefit Strategy Design: Solving an Impossible Task.

Rising healthcare costs demand innovative solutions

Skyrocketing healthcare costs are forcing employers across the country to make hard decisions about their benefits, like cost-shifting and benefit reductions. Robertson and the city recognized that those solutions wouldn’t work for them. Cost-shifting would only put the problem off until the next year and reducing benefits didn’t serve the needs of employees and the requirements of labor unions.

Our new white paper demonstrates how a Vera on-site clinic allowed Robertson and the City of Kirkland to craft a benefit strategy that solved their impossible task. How did they do it?

Download your white paper here.

In it, you’ll learn how …

  • Clear communication created and sustained a patient engagement rate of 90%
  • Overall healthcare costs were reduced by 25% in the first two years
  • Free, unlimited primary care drove positive health outcomes and reduced costs
  • Dedicated care teams created an exceptional clinical experience that improved benefits and reduced costs

Trying to solve your own impossible task? Contact us today to find out how a benefit strategy with Vera at the center can help.



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