39.6% of adults will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes. Nearly half of your population is at risk. Establishing effective cancer prevention practices should be a core component of every organization’s healthcare strategy.

Following the American Cancer Society’s cancer screening guidelines is an important complement to healthy behaviors that reduce the risk of developing  cancer. When breast cancer is found early at the localized level, it corresponds to a five-year survival rate of 99%. That rate drops to 86% once the cancer has begun to spread, and 26% once it’s reached distant parts of the body. Similarly, the five year relative survival rate for people with stage I colon cancer is about 92%. That rate drops to about 63% for stage IIB.

Top cancer screenings recommended by the American Cancer Society (ACS)

  • Breast cancer — Women over 40
  • Colorectal cancer — Men and women over 50
  • Cervical cancer — Women over 21

Learn more about the ACS’s recommendations for cancer screenings here: Cancer Screening Guidelines.

Despite nearly universal knowledge that cancer screenings are an effective way to prevent cancer, too few people have them done. Here’s why people typically avoid screenings.

  • Fear that the screening procedure is painful and/or embarrassment about discussing the procedures with a provider, especially for colorectal screenings
  • Belief that if there is no family history of cancer, there is no risk
  • Belief that cancer screenings are only justified in the presence of cancer-related symptoms
  • Concern that the test will be too expensive or too hard to coordinate because of work schedule conflicts or lack of transportation

Many of these barriers are solved by an on-site clinic. Let’s take a look at how integrating an on-site clinic can increase cancer screening rates at your organization.

On-site clinics offer built-in channels to educate about screenings

Vera Whole Health clinics integrate into your employee culture by partnering with HR teams and employee representatives. In partnership with Vera’s dedicated care teams, you can leverage those communication channels to dispel myths about cancer screenings, including those about procedures being painful.

On-site clinics remove cost barriers

Cancer screenings are provided to an employee with zero out-of-pocket cost, eliminating the concern that screening tests will be expensive. Vera is committed to improving cancer prevention strategies. It’s why our CEO Ryan Schmid is participating in the Fit2Be Cancer Free CEO Fitness Challenge on April 18. Learn more about the challenge and Ryan’s commitment here.

Get in touch with us to find out how Vera can implement cancer screenings as a part of your benefit strategy.

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