In 2013, we partnered with Seattle Children’s to open a near-site care center that would serve their employees, delivering advanced primary care and other valuable health services through dedicated care teams at one convenient location.

The purpose of opening a near-site care center was twofold:

  1. To get employees at this leading children’s care center more engaged in their own health
  2. To lower costs for the organization

It was a definitive success, with impressive results that you can read about in our client spotlight, Patient Engagement And Healthcare Costs At Seattle Children’s Before And After Vera.

Challenges for Seattle Children’s

Before our partnership, Seattle Children’s was facing a slew of runaway costs, including a 7-9% yearly increase in medical claims, $3-4 million losses each year with no way to control the trend, and a looming $4 million Cadillac tax.

After opening the near-site care center, Seattle Children’s began to see positive results within just the first year. After 12 months, claims were decreasing. After 24 months, they had a net savings of $3.5 million.

Since then, we’ve performed a financial analysis to show the powerful impact that advanced primary care and the near-site care center have had on Seattle Children’s, not just in terms of money saved, but levels of employee engagement, satisfaction, and population health.


The results

Now six years on, we’ve put together a resource that illustrates how the organization has continued to thrive. Since first opening their near-site care center, Seattle Children’s has seen $16 million in net savings — money that they’ve been able to reinvest back into the organization and its employees — and engagement that has far exceeded their original estimates.

According to Tom Stoeckle, former Director of Compensation Benefits at Seattle Children’s,

“Vera is shaping the future of employee care. Their innovative and collaborative approach engages and empowers individuals to participate in all aspects of their own health and well-being, while reducing healthcare costs for both the employee and the organization.”

We’re proud of our continued partnership with this incredible organization and of the impact the care center has had on the health of their entire workforce.

Download your copy of Patient Engagement And Healthcare Costs At Seattle Children’s Before And After Vera today to learn how an onsite or near-site care center and our advanced primary care model can save money through better health.


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