If you're going out to bid year after year in an attempt to reduce your overall medical costs consider putting an onsite or near-site employer-owned clinic at the center of your strategy as a hedge against medical cost inflation. Here are three ways your investment will yield a positive return: 

 1. Primary care convenience and cost savings:  the per visit cost at an employer-owned clinic is lower compared to the fee-for-service model. The same visit at an employer owned clinic can equate to $65 per visit as opposed to $100 or more per visit utilizing a typical PPO network.

2. Reduction in over utilization of high-cost services:  With a focus on prevention and chronic condition management you'll see a reduction in emergency care, hospital stays and specialty medication. 

3. Customized Care:  A claims analysis of your current medical plan will identify the most common conditions in your population.   Partnering with Vera to design a clinic means choosing the right services to meet their needs at a capitated rate.  This equates to significant costs savings as well as improved treatment adherence.

 Without a redesigned benefit strategy you'll continue to chase savings each year.  Rethink your strategy with an onsite/nearsite clinic as the foundation. Want to learn more?  Download our case study about how Seattle Children’s Hospital reversed their trend. 

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