Clinic Promotion

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How To Communicate With Your Employees About Their New Clinic

Improving healthcare for your employees is an exciting accomplishment that delivers impressive long-term returns in both overall costs and health outcomes....

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Workshops Offer Opportunities For Engagement

Converting employees into engaged patients is essential to HR leaders. Engagement maximizes the potential of your organization's benefits package and drives...

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Anchorage Clinic Launch Q&A

This past August, we launched a new clinic for the Anchorage School District (ASD) in Anchorage, Alaska. We wanted to take you “inside” that recent clinic...

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3 Ways To Organize Employee Benefit Info For Effective Communication

Our primary goal with all clinic promotion is to get patients into a Vera clinic for their first visit.  From there, the clinical experience speaks for itself...
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4 Ways To Use Direct Response Principles To Increase The Results Of Your HR Communications

Do you remember the last time you opened your mailbox and got a marketing piece from a company or nonprofit?

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5 Ways To Get Your Employees On Board With an On-Site Clinic

So, you have or are planning an on-site clinic. How will you make sure employees use it?