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Investing In Better Outcomes To Lower Overall Healthcare Costs

It seems counter-intuitive that providing patients more access to primary care can drive down overall healthcare costs. In fact, in the right care environment,...

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Lie 2: Access Drives Overuse

The following post is an excerpt from our new white paper: 7 Lies We’ve Told Ourselves That Prevent Us From Fixing Healthcare. Download the whole white paper...

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2020 Insurance Trends: Good Vibrations For Agile Insurers

The insurance industry is seeing big changes in 2020. Payers face two big challenges. First, they need to stay ahead of rapid changes in the healthcare...

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Physicians Groups Cautious About Medicare’s “Primary Care First” Payment Model

On April 22, 2019, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the new proposal of Primary Care First (PCF) reimbursement models. The program...

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Seattle Children’s: Partnership With Vera Improves Health And Cost Savings

In 2013, we partnered with Seattle Children’s to open a near-site care center that would serve their employees, delivering advanced primary care and other...

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Onsite Clinics Cut Healthcare Costs

The numbers don’t lie. Onsite clinics lead to healthy ROIs. Vera Whole Health recently completed a cost savings analysis that supports this thesis. Key to the...

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Onsite Clinics Make For Happier, Healthier Employees And Reduced Costs

Happy, healthy employees play an integral role in creating and sustaining a productive, robust workplace.

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Evaluating Onsite Care Centers: Better Health Outcomes For Your Organization

Healthcare delivery has a major impact on an organization’s budget and workforce. When employees are sick, they aren’t able to focus on their work. Employers...

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Cost Savings Analysis: 6 Ways Onsite Care Centers Drive ROI

Advanced primary care puts empathetic listening and patient engagement at its center and uses behavior change to improve health, which in turn drives down...

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Healthcare And Your Bottom Line: Balancing Budgets And Employee Needs

Healthcare plays an enormous role in a company’s success. New employees can be won or lost on the benefits offered by a potential employer. The population...

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Healthcare And Your Bottom Line: Reduce Costs

A healthier workforce means a reduction in out-of-control healthcare expenses. Healthier employees, who are empowered and supported by dedicated primary care...

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Cutting Out The Middleman: How America’s Biggest Companies Are Saving On Health Care

“Employers clearly aren’t satisfied with the status quo, and they aren’t waiting for permission to try something new.”   " Forget Amazon, GM's Move Should Worry...