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Vera Whole Health builds for a boom in at-work clinics

This week’s Puget Sound Business Journal shares news of Vera’s exciting growth trajectory. We’ve moved into a larger office, have added visionary executives,...

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Vera Whole Health Wins Gold

We won! After a spectacular evening at this year’s Leaders in Health Care Awards, Seattle Business magazine announced Vera Whole Health as the event’s gold...

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Vera Nominated for Leaders in Health Care Awards!

Vera Whole Health is thrilled to announce that it has been named as an honoree for Seattle Business magazine’s 2018 Leaders in Health Care Awards! The annual...

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Contractor’s unique solution: a custom clinic for employees

The Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce featured Hoffman Construction's decision to open a Vera primary care clinic in Portland. Vice President Dan Drinkward...

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Municipality of Anchorage looks to drive down healthcare costs

The Anchorage city government is looking to save money on health care costs by hiring a Seattle-based company to run a medical clinic for some of its...

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Puget Sound Business Journal: Vera Set for National Expansion

Vera Whole Health just landed $24 million to fund a national expansion.

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Faced with increasing health-care costs, Anchorage School District hires Vera for clinic

The Anchorage School District plans to hire a Seattle-based health care company to run a new medical clinic for district employees and their dependents to cut...

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Vera Positioned Perfectly for 2017

"The self-insured employer will benefit here as they adopt more patient-centric models from firms like Vera Whole Health." - Kevin Cable, co-founder and...

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Why Hoffman Plans to Open Its Own Health Clinic

Hoffman Construction, Oregon’s largest construction company, has contracted with Seattle’s Vera Whole Health to provide health care services for Hoffman’s...

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Innovative Program Helps Kirkland Cut Health Costs

King 5 News cites Vera Whole Health as the centerpiece to the City of Kirkland's recent healthcare success.

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Not all onsite clinics created equal

"Many simply don’t know what they don’t know. Clinics are deceptively complex structures."

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Onsite clinics create a healthier workplace

"As the cost of health care continues to rise, employers and employees alike are finding onsite health clinics a compelling option." -Malia Jacobson,...