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Forbes: Employers are waking up to healthcare's biggest lie

"Employer frustration over the devastating collateral damage from a severely under-performing healthcare system is boiling over," says Forbes writer, Dave...

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Today's healthcare an economic drainer, not driver

"The overriding sentiment is that organization executives and benefits leaders have reached their breaking point and are no longer going to accept that every...

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City Slashes Healthcare Costs By Improving Health Benefits

Forbes writer, Dave Chase, lauds Vera's approach to tackling healthcare's most vexing problem: pricing failure. He documents Vera's positive impact on employee...

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Vera Makes Splash in Arizona

Flagstaff, AZ - Employees of several local government agencies are trying out a new model of healthcare, one that may offer them shorter wait times to see a...

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Virginia Mason Celebrates Vera Clinic Grand Opening

Virginia Mason added a new benefit for its employees today by opening an on-site clinic at the medical center to provide primary care services and health...

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Vera Whole Health Stands Apart from Workplace Wellness

While the confusion and clatter of workplace wellness programs grows, the Puget Sound Business Journal notes how Vera's on-site primary care model is quietly...

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Puget Sound Business Journal Marvels at a Health Clinic for a Hospital

Puget Sound Business Journal's healthcare writer, Annie Zak, says Vera Whole Health must be doing something right if Virginia Mason, one of the nation's top...

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Vera Whole Health Workplace Clinic Will Open on Virginia Mason Campus

Virginia Mason announced today it will open a Vera Whole Health worksite clinic on its Seattle campus in November 2015 to give Virginia Mason employees another...

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Kirkland Reporter touts city's health strategy; names Vera

The Kirkland Reporter has announced the new contract between the City of Kirkland and Vera Whole Health. Among the highlights, it mentions the city's...

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Vera Whole Health and City of Kirkland to Open Worksite Clinic for City Employees

Vera Whole Health today announced that it has signed with the City of Kirkland to offer primary, preventive and acute care, along with personalized health...

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Seattle Business Magazine features Vera's success at Seattle Children's

In spite of the large number of high-risk employees who used its services, Vera still cost Children’s about $90 a month less to serve those employees than to...

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Valerie Burlingame named one of Puget Sound Business Journal's 2014 Women of Influence

Valerie Burlingame, Chief Visionary Officer and VP Vera University, was recently named one of the Puget Sound Business Journal's 2014 Women of Influence.