On-Site Clinics

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Onsite Clinics Make For Happier, Healthier Employees And Reduced Costs

Happy, healthy employees play an integral role in creating and sustaining a productive, robust workplace.

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Improving Healthcare For Labor Unions And Public Employers

Consistently rising healthcare costs are forcing many labor unions and public employers to find new ways to reduce costs and preserve their benefits.


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Evaluating Onsite Care Centers: Better Health Outcomes For Your Organization

Healthcare delivery has a major impact on an organization’s budget and workforce. When employees are sick, they aren’t able to focus on their work. Employers...

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Implementing Advanced Primary Care In Onsite Clinics

The current sick-care system is tough to navigate and is fraught with complexity and insecurity. The majority of patients, anxious about high costs, avoid...

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Stop Benefit Cost Inflation Insanity: Put a Dedicated Clinic at the Center of Your Strategy

Healthcare is expensive, for everyone. Dealing with the fee-for-service model, which emphasizes productivity instead of prevention, only worsens the problem....

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HR Professionals: On-Site Clinics Are Your Dream Come True

As an employer or HR specialist, you want the best for your people. They’re your most valuable asset. Healthy employees work harder, faster, are more...

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Launching An Onsite Clinic: Finding A Rhythm for Optimization

The process of launching an onsite clinic doesn't end on opening day—the hard work, dedication, and partnership with your onsite clinic vendor involved in...

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What Can I Expect After the Launch of My Onsite Clinic?

You've opened your clinic doors, and employees are starting to use the clinic. Great!

How do you know what to do next? What's going well, what to watch out...

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Q&A with Tom Stoeckle

Prior to radically shifting their benefit strategy around a near-site clinic five years ago, Seattle Children's faced healthcare costs growing every year at a...

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The Best Communication Strategies For A Successful Clinic Launch

As your launch date approaches, it’s a good time to reflect on the months of hard work you’ve put in.

Recall your own process of discovery; on-site clinics...

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Are Worksite Clinics an Old-School Solution to Employers’ Current Cost Problems?

"Employer-sponsored clinics developed in the industrial boom during and after World War II, but now companies crushed by rising healthcare costs are taking...

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New White Paper: On-Site Clinic Essentials, Issue 1: Culture Matters

Attracting and keeping top talent is more competitive today than it’s ever been. And the competition will only become more fierce.