Outreach is essential for the success of a clinic.

If people don’t know about the services available at their on-site clinic, they won’t utilize them. Beyond engagement, outreach also plays a vital role in ensuring clinical success and driving better patient health outcomes.

Here’s how Vera utilizes its Clinic Triad and Whole Health Council to create the most effective outreach strategies.

What Is the Clinic Triad?

The clinic manager, lead provider, and customer success manager make up the Clinic Triad. They ensure an on-site clinic serves patients and clients to the fullest extent possible. They also optimize outreach and engagement efforts.

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The Triad collaborates with HR staff to come up with new outreach ideas based on their observation of how the clinic is working and using clinic data.

Using Metrics to Guide Future Outreach

The Clinic Triad defines success metrics for each outreach effort. Katie Haas, Vera’s Customer Success Manager explains: “Before each outreach event, we define our general goals. For flu shots, we might ask ourselves what percentage of the population we want to engage by the end of the event,” says Haas.

On top of that, Vera measures overall patient engagement on a monthly basis.

Once they determine the right metrics for a given outreach effort, the Clinic Triad follows a step-by-step process to optimize that outreach in the future.

The result is a customized approach communicating and implementing outreach efforts at each clinic. "We aren’t a standard company with cookie-cutter approaches. The Vera team is excited, creative, and flexible in how we approach populations because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone," says Haas.

"We aren’t a standard company with cookie-cutter approaches. The Vera team is excited, creative, and flexible."

Here's how that custom approach works in practice.

Optimizing Outreach: A Step-by-Step Guide

1) Evaluate Success

The Triad compiles data and compares the results of each outreach event to the event’s general goals to determine overall success rates.

2) Identify Potential Optimization

Whether or not the Triad reaches their goal, they work to improve any future events. The Triad compiles feedback from clinic staff, patient representatives, and HR leadership to create a holistic view of the outreach effort’s success.

3) Present Ideas to Whole Health Council

The Clinic Triad presents new ideas for future outreach efforts to the Whole Health Council, a forum made up of employee representatives, HR leadership, and clinic staff members. Working together, the Triad and the Whole Health Council decide on new outreach strategies for future events.

4) Implement New Outreach Efforts 

With support from the Whole Health Council, clinic staff, and HR leadership, new outreach efforts are devised and implemented to drive higher patient engagement.

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