One of the Vera Whole Health core values is to empower our patients to take ownership of their own health. Fulfilling that promise starts with an effective engagement strategy. That’s why all Vera employees are trained in The Vera Way, which focuses on empathetic listening practices that foster meaningful connections between patients, providers, health coaches, and medical staff.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to empower patients to take ownership of their own health. Instead, Vera practitioners listen to their patients to find out what will inspire them to make a change. Here’s how it works in practice.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to empower patients to take ownership of their own health.

Multiple Touchpoints

All eligible employees are encouraged, using incentives, workshops or lunch-and-learns, to visit the clinic to complete their Annual Whole Health Evaluation. This multipart evaluation consists of a health assessment, biometric screening, provider wellness exam, and health coaching session. It also facilitates multiple opportunities for patients to engage with Vera staff who are trained to listen to their goals and barriers to better health.

Unique Engagement

Through empathetic listening, providers and health coaches offer patients care plans that are suited to their unique lives. Patients are not simply told what to do. Instead, providers and coaches listen so they can better understand the patient and approach their care in a way that better reflects the patient's life and needs. Whether it’s an exercise plan for busy professionals who rarely have time to go to the gym, or a weight loss regimen that starts with drinking more water, there is no standard care plan or approach for a Vera patient.

Lasting Change

When patients are truly heard and able to work with their providers, they’re more likely to change their behavior and improve their overall health. Along the way, those changes are supported by Vera providers and health coaches, who help patients celebrate their victories and find new ways to build upon each success. At every step, patients are uniquely heard and uniquely cared for so that they remain engaged and continue to improve.

Want to hear more about the unique Vera approach to patient engagement and behavior change? Check out our eBook: Sick Care Is Doomed To Failure.

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