Now more than ever, data is driving innovation at remarkable speeds within the healthcare industry. Organizations are striving to put the massive amounts of data available to work in ways that humanize care, increase engagement, and improve outcomes. For purchasers of healthcare, this trend has a tremendous potential impact.

Earlier this year, we announced that Vera and Castlight Health are combining to leverage the full power of data-driven insights. Together, we’re pairing the advanced primary care (APC) model with digital navigation technology. This means exciting new possibilities for purchasers of healthcare. Together, Vera and Castlight are creating the next stage in the healthcare revolution, delivering cutting-edge innovation while transforming member health outcomes, care teams’ ability to deliver care, and the way purchasers pay for care.

Members are encouraged to take control of their own health journeys

Engagement is instrumental to improve health outcomes but too often, members are overwhelmed at the thought of navigating a healthcare system that can seem cold and impersonal. When this occurs, concerns go unaddressed, preventive care is put off, and members struggle to take ownership of their health. 

When screenings are delayed and potential problems are treated only after they’ve become major issues, for example,  it leads to spiraling costs for members and purchasers.

At Vera, supportive APC care teams use empathetic listening and time-rich appointments to grow engagement and improve health outcomes. Data allows care teams to anticipate and address the specific needs of all populations and deliver a personalized, meaningful level of care. Purchasers can be confident in knowing their members are supported in taking ownership of their health journeys, improving their outcomes, and reducing total cost of care.

Castlight’s connected navigation technology allows members to navigate their care proactively and with confidence. Data-driven insights are leveraged to personalize each experience, connecting members with the right care for them at the right time and empowering them to take ownership of their health.

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Care teams have the opportunity to improve your members’ health

Vera care teams are highly motivated by the opportunity to make an impact on the lives and health of patients. With APC, providers, care teams, and specialists have access to detailed data and insights enhancing their ability to do exactly that. 

Castlight’s platform also offers a comprehensive understanding of your members’ health histories and current needs, making it simpler than ever to:

  • Identify opportunities to improve their health
  • Connect them to the care they need

Purchasers can rest assured that, when partnering with Vera and Castlight, data-rich insights are being utilized in sophisticated and meaningful ways, allowing care teams to deliver the highest possible quality of care to your members.

Purchasers of healthcare can offer the best value-based options

Many purchasers of healthcare are struggling to offer meaningful benefits as healthcare costs continue to rise. Value-based healthcare models show potential in controlling costs without sacrificing quality. However, identifying and implementing a forward-thinking solution that harnesses the true power of data can be challenging.

By partnering with Vera and Castlight, you can proceed confidently, knowing that you’re offering the best value-based care, today and tomorrow. We’re putting data-driven insights into action to improve health outcomes, reduce total cost of care, and deliver excellent member experiences.

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