Last year, Vera was thrilled to announce that it had become the first provider in the country to earn a Certificate of Validation by the Validation Institute for sound population health cost outcomes.

Today, we’re still the only such provider to receive recognition from the institute.

While our clients have seen our results firsthand, this Certificate of Validation offers a point of reference for employers conducting their due diligence of onsite care center providers.

Validation recognized and verified our outcomes. So why are we still the only provider to be validated? Here’s what makes us different.

Vera_blog-graphics_apcAdvanced primary care

When we received our Certificate of Validation, we were already implementing our innovative advanced primary care model.

Advanced primary care breaks down barriers between patients and providers. It creates an environment where people can get the care they need when they need it. And it does all of that for little to no cost to the patient.

But we’re not just providing advanced primary care, we’re adding to it. Here are just a few of the ways that our approach is unique.

At Vera, advanced primary care means:

  • Accessibility to more providers, smart scheduling, low to no cost visits, convenient locations, and no wait times
  • Time-rich appointments that allow people to be heard and providers to understand them beyond their symptoms
  • Primary care providers who have the time, support, and staff to provide most of a person’s care — care that in today’s system is being outsourced to specialists
  • Care coordination to prevent gaps in communication and treatment when specialty care is appropriate, including follow-up and integration into the member’s care plan
  • Empathetic listening that goes beyond prescriptive medicine, building connections, and understanding a person’s whole health
  • An informatics platform that identifies health risk opportunities and provides actionable insight into utilization
  • Professional health coaches who use the transtheoretical change model to help patients improve their lifestyles and achieve life goals
  • Culture change is the result of people seeing their care team as an extension of their friends and family, and the powerful realization that they, themselves, are in control of their own health

But our clinical model wasn’t the only thing that helped us earn a Certificate of Validation. There was more to do if we wanted to truly transform healthcare, and it included aligning incentives.

Vera_blog-graphics_hospitalAligned incentives

Traditional fee-for-service models featured misaligned incentives that discouraged improved outcomes. We’re changing that by making advanced primary care work for employers, insurers, payers, providers, and patients.

With Vera’s advanced primary care model:

  • Employers are getting control of healthcare costs, improving population outcomes, and increasing productivity
  • Insurers are accessing rich informatics and other population data that create new opportunities for growth
  • Payers are benefitting from exceptional member experiences, simple plans, and reliable results
  • Providers are getting the opportunity to practice medicine the way they always wanted, with longer appointments and an emphasis on developing meaningful relationships
  • Patients are getting healthier and learning how to change their behaviors to sustain longer, happier lives

Vera_site_icons_core-servicesHealth empowerment

Beyond the individual level, the benefits of primary care have a powerful impact on population cost management, thanks to health empowerment.

Central to our model is the Whole Health Council, a forum made up of employees [patients], providers, and HR administrators. The purpose of the council is to create an environment where the patient population can give direct feedback on care center operations.

In turn, employee representatives bring Vera’s culture of healthy lifestyles back to their coworkers, catalyzing change among the broader population and empowering others to take the first step toward improving their health.

Whole Health Councils were central to driving the outcomes that ultimately earned us a Certificate of Validation from the Validation Institute.

Want to learn more about the process of getting validated? Download our white paper: Vera Onsite Clinics Work: We Have A Certificate To Prove It.

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