Trust between patients and providers is essential to patient engagement that leads to long-term behavior change. Patients who feel comfortable with their providers are more likely to seek them out when medical problems arise. They’ll also share what’s going on in their lives that could impact their health. That’s why each and every Vera provider is committed to keeping relationships with patients strong.

Clinical experience builds strong bonds with patients

“Providers who work here come here for that reason. They’re seeking a different way to provide care, a different construct in which to practice. They all have a tremendous amount of experience and diverse backgrounds and they really want to practice the way that they were always hoping they could."
— Lindsay Leeder, Clinical Consultant & Nurse Practitioner

Vera providers embody our unique coaching philosophy to build relationships with patients. Patients open a meaningful dialogue with providers during their 60-minute Annual Whole Health exam. During this, and every Vera appointment, providers use empathetic listening models to understand patient goals, and the barriers they face to better health.

This information enables providers to create an integrated care plan that will drive better health outcomes by empowering the patient to own their health. This is vastly different to a traditional model where providers see 20-25 patients a day and only spend a few minutes discussing each patient’s needs.

Provider recruitment and training ensure culture fit & coaching approach

Our goal is to identify providers who fit with Vera’s values and with the culture of the community they’ll be serving. Better culture fit leads to stronger relationships with patients, which leads to better outcomes.

Providers are  onboarded through a thoughtful approach we call the “Vera Way,” which includes a two-week orientation training. The training instills our values and core principles into each part of their day. From meeting with patients to developing collaborative care plans with health coaches, we make sure that Vera’s values are integrated into every aspect of a provider’s care approach. Using empathetic listening to build trust with patients is high on this list.

Collaborative approach to patient care includes entire team

Each member of the clinic team has a role to play so that the clinic can serve as a hub for coordinated care. Building that team to function well together is critical to earning patient trust and fulfilling each patient’s care plan.

Part of that team effort includes daily huddles to review the care plan for each patient coming in that day. Leeder notes, “Everyone’s part of that story and involved, because if everyone owns a piece of responsibility then you really feel like you’re working collaboratively alongside your patients.”

Our goal is to match employees with the best providers they’ve ever had, a thoughtful approach to ensuring that  employees feel safe and comfortable using Vera’s clinics and providers.

Vera providers love what they do. They’re given the opportunity to practice patient care in the way they always wanted, in collaboration with patients and their team. That passion is contagious. It creates a better clinical experience, it creates better care, and ultimately it helps people take ownership of their health. “It’s awesome to see providers who have worked so hard and for so many years find new joy in their work and find fulfillment in that patient encounter. To see how that empowerment of the providers trickles down to the patient care is really, really cool,” says Leeder.

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