Onsite or near-site primary care centers offer a significant investment into your company and your employees. These primary care centers reduce healthcare costs while cultivating happier and healthier employees, thereby increasing productivity throughout the organization.

Save money and reduce costs

The savings from investing in onsite or near-site care centers are compelling, proving to lower costs by 17 – 21%. The upfront costs pay themselves back in less than 12 months, often delivering ROI within the first year. Healthier employees mean fewer claims, fewer and shorter hospital stays, and less time and money spent on staff coverages.

Vera care centers are staffed by dedicated providers and teams and are fully equipped to meet most of your employees' needs, resulting in fewer referrals, claims, and absenteeism. Investing in employees' health before they get sick significantly reduces the cost of future care.

Most healthcare is offered at the primary care level, leading to fewer claims and specialist referrals. When employees get the treatment they need, when they actually need it, they are less likely to require more expensive care or hospital stays.

Rather than focusing on symptom control, the Vera team develops a comprehensive care plan that focuses on improving long-term health, working with employees to set and achieve goals that drive their own improved health. The results are better outcomes, improved population health, greater engagement, and fewer claims.

With regular, routine care, employees managing chronic illnesses can avoid worsening conditions as well as expensive treatments in the long run. At-risk patients are less expensive to treat under the primary care model.

Create happier, healthier employees

Our primary care approach is holistic, which helps to create a more robust and healthy workforce. Healthier employees enhance the overall company culture as well as help to increase productivity.

Onsite or near-site care means that employees are more likely to seek care when they need it for little to no cost. Knowing that they won't face long wait times or rushed appointments — without sacrificing the quality of care — means that employees are more likely to seek routine care. Employees who are empowered to prioritize their overall health allows for a thriving, robust, and productive company culture.

With Vera's advanced primary care model, companies and their employees are empowered to be healthier in every way: physically, mentally, socially, and financially.

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