Offering your population access to a network of primary care centers is a significant investment into your company and your employees. This approach plays a key role in increasing access to primary care, provides a better option for hybrid workforces, and supports health equity within your organization.

Save money and reduce total cost of careVera-Whole-Health---Graphics-_Sept_post-image_1

The savings are compelling. Healthier employees mean fewer claims, fewer and shorter hospital stays, and less time and money spent on staff coverages. 

Vera care centers are staffed by dedicated providers and teams, and they are fully equipped to meet most of your employees' needs. This results in fewer referrals, claims, and absenteeism. Investing in employees' health before they get sick significantly reduces the cost of future care.

When employees get the treatment they need, when and where they actually need it, they are less likely to require more expensive care or hospital stays.

Rather than focusing on symptom control,  Vera care teams develop a comprehensive care plan that focuses on improving long-term health. They work with employees to set and achieve goals that drive their own improved health. The results are better outcomes, improved population health, greater engagement, and fewer claims.

With regular, routine care, employees managing chronic illnesses can avoid worsening conditions, in addition to expensive treatments, in the long run. At-risk patients are less expensive to treat under the primary care model.

Creates happier, healthier employees and a more equitable healthcare experience

Our primary care approach is holistic, which helps to create a more robust and healthy workforce where employees enhance the overall company culture and contribute to increased productivity.

Vera-Whole-Health---Graphics_Sept_post-image_2Offering access to a network of care centers reduces barriers to care and addresses social determinants of health, the economic and social conditions that can impact employee health.

Providing access to a network of care centers makes it simpler for employers to meet the healthcare needs of hybrid, remote, and dispersed workforces. Rather than being limited to one physical location, employees have the ability to visit the care center that is most convenient for them. Digital care options, such as telehealth, further increase access to care.

And when care is offered at little to no cost, employees are far more likely to seek it when they need it. The knowledge that they won’t face long wait times or rushed appointments also contributes to their willingness to engage and participate in basic preventive care, such as scheduling an annual physical.

Like Vera, Castlight Health is highly committed to supporting health equity.Vera-Whole-Health---Graphics_Sept_post-image_3 Castlight’s connected navigation technology utilizes data and a high degree of personalization to engage employees in uniquely impactful ways, increasing their utilization of preventive care and other services. We are working to further improve employees’ ability to access care and transform the way they engage with care. 

When employees are empowered to prioritize their overall health, it allows for a thriving, robust, and productive company culture. With Vera's advanced primary care (APC) model and Castlight Health’s digital navigation technology, organizations and their employees are empowered to be healthier in every way: physically, mentally, socially, and financially.


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This is an updated version of a post originally published on November 7, 2019

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