There are big things on the horizon as our proven advanced primary care (APC) model is about to become even more impactful. Castlight Health and Vera Whole Health combined to craft a groundbreaking new company that will scale value-based care in the commercial market. 

Together, we’re creating a customized and convenient experience for your members to expand access to care, reduce total cost of care, and improve outcomes.

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Castlight Health delivers the leading health navigation experience using data, technology, and a team of clinical experts. Since their start in 2008, they have made healthcare simpler to access and understand for millions of people.

"We believe this is a milestone for the healthcare system because of the way it merges benefits and care navigation, including digital touchpoints, into a patient's primary care relationship. We believe a combination of these two innovative companies will transform care in local markets across the country." - Ravi Sachdev, CD&R Partner and member of Vera's Board of Directors

Why this is such a big deal for you and your members

With this partnership, Vera and Castlight are offering a uniquely integrated digital experience. Personalized features help members proactively navigate their health journeys, complementing their care center experiences. Targeted recommendations support Vera providers in addressing care gaps, reducing costly treatments and interventions. 

Here are some of the specific ways this partnership will benefit your members:

Cutting-edge digital navigation capabilities

A digital front door is convenient, allowing members to access all of their benefit information in one location. The high degree of personalization encourages members to take the specific actions that will have the greatest impact on their health.

Members also have access to:

  • Self-reported goals: Members create self-reported goals related to their well-being. Those goals are then integrated into their profiles.
  • Health assessments: Assessments feature questions on topics such as stress, mood, and sleep, allowing for even greater engagement and personalization.

Unique opportunities to boost engagement

Within organizations, employers can conveniently incentivize their employees, offering rewards when they take part in preventive activities such as:

  • participating in health screenings
  • completing health assessments
  • building healthy habits

In addition, health challenges, both company-wide and personal, are a fun way to encourage engagement, create community, and promote healthy habits. 

The exciting future of healthcare

That’s only a taste of what’s coming in the months ahead, so make sure to stay tuned.

Castlight delivers a unique and personalized digital experience geared to meeting the needs of each member. Combining these capabilities with the proven Vera APC model delivers value for your organization: increased engagement, improved health outcomes, and reduced total cost of care.

Learn how to solve the seemingly impossible task of designing a benefits strategy in this free whitepaper.


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