Would it shock you to read that primary care, when focused on the whole patient, isn't just about health?

Primary care, when done right, is about building relationships and partnerships with patients and entire care teams. At Vera, our providers don't swoop in with a quick seven-minute interrogation and then move on to the next examining room.Primary care, when done right, is about building relationships and partnerships with patients and entire care teams.

That's not the care we believe in.

In fact, it's that kind of approach to care that's essentially broken the entire health system. Patients have been lessened to little more than a number added to a quota.

Through our on-site clinic model, our care teams take the time they need to better understand the context of each patient they serve.

From their health needs, to their plans, to their broader context. And the power of this type of meaningful and quality engagement is ultimately a better overall care experience. And part of that is the experience of the referral plan — matching the right specialist with the right patient needs.




In fact, we've started to partner with insurance companies across the country, in concert with our care teams, to give our providers access to data that will enable them to identify high-quality, low-cost specialists within their area for referrals.

It starts with understanding the specifics of the population. Population data and claims history help determine utilization and what services will best serve the employees within an organization or area.

As we analyze, we ask:

  • What's the risk of the population?
  • What are areas for opportunity to improve health?

Not only does this help with utilization, but it informs the most meaningful promotions and incentives that will reach patients and encourage them to participate.

The result?

The level of care being provided skyrockets, while overall costs fall. Which is what employers are looking for to begin with — healthy employees and a return on their investment.

It may sound too good to be true. But it's not. Find out for yourself by downloading our eBook, The Strategic Guide To Planning And Launching An On-Site Clinic.

a strategic guide to planning and launching an on-site clinic - download white paper

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