Providers are an integral part of the healthcare revolution at Vera. They also love working at our care centers. This is important, because they have a big influence on each member’s experience when they visit the care center.

Why does this matter? Because patient experience is a component of the quadruple aim.

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We call it the quadruple aim: patient experience, population health, healthcare cost decrease, and provider satisfaction.

Improving patient experience and population health while reducing costs is a common set of goals for all health systems. But, when providers experience fatigue and burnout, they can’t provide adequate care, so the overall system fails. Supported and engaged providers improve patient experiences and health outcomes, which drives down costs.

Vera CEO Ryan Schmid looks at it this way:

“Vera providers get to work in an environment where not only do they have the time and the resources to really engage with members, but they’re also supported by a clinical integrated health coach to work as a team. They are actually going to help the patient progress from where they're at today to where they need to be. And it’s completely esteeming and motivating to the patient.”


Let’s take a closer look at why Vera providers love their jobs.

Extended time with patients

No more short appointments that reflect a quantity-over-quality approach that burns out providers. Vera providers see patients for 30- or 6o-minute visits. There is actually time for empathetic listening and treating the whole person.

Instead of managing symptoms, providers have time to get to the root causes of health problems.

Practicing to the top of their license

Many primary care providers are qualified to offer more in the way of care, but limited time stops them from doing so. Not so with Vera providers. Instead of sending members to specialists, Vera providers are empowered to take the time to treat members onsite which reduces costs associated with specialty care.

A manageable patient load

Shuffling large volumes of patients through appointment times is not part of the Vera model. Providers see up to 10 members per day, allowing them the time they need to offer whole person care and prevention while preventing fatigue.

A focus on behavior change

Primary care providers often choose this field because of a genuine desire to do good. The Vera model is ideal for this type of provider because of its continued support for behavior change, empathetic listening, and dedicated health coaching.

A care philosophy they can get behind

At Vera, the mission is to provide quality healthcare that promotes improved patient and population whole health. It’s likely the reason why providers entered the field in the first place: to truly make a difference in the health of so many. Because the Vera model supports an incredible patient experience, providers are able to support their patients at a higher level of care.

For more information on how Vera providers are helping to lead the healthcare revolution, download our FREE guide, Stop Treating Patients Like Cogs In A Machine.

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