As attacks on the Affordable Care Act continue, millions of Americans worry that they’ll be forced out of their own healthcare by rising premiums.

Those who purchase insurance through the marketplace fear that ACA changes could affect their ability to afford insurance further down the road. Women, in particular, appear to bear the brunt of this worry.

The rising cost of health insurance and efforts by Republicans in Washington to undercut protections for pre-existing conditions and the Affordable Care Act writ large have left many financially insecure and worried over what the future may bring." —

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In a recent survey, found that:

  • 25% of women (versus 18% of men) say they, or a relative, avoided visiting their provider because of cost concerns
  • 47% of women (versus 35% of men) paid a medical bill that was more expensive than they anticipated
  • 57% of women (versus 51% of men) worry about not being able to afford insurance in the future

Vera Eliminates Cost Fears

With Vera, employees get the quality care they need, when they need it. At an on- or near-site clinic, your employees receive all their preventive care services for free or minimal cost. There’s no worrying about unexpected fees or deductibles.

For employers, a Vera clinic means that you can provide the majority of your employee healthcare at a fixed fee so, just like your employees, you don’t have to worry about unexpected claims costs.

Because their care is easily accessible, employees utilize their clinic more, resulting in better health outcomes and further reducing costs. Plus, our dedicated care teams  including a provider, health coach, and medical staff— offer better care coordination for high-cost, high-risk patient populations with chronic illnesses.

Better health outcomes and fewer unexpected expenses, that’s what Vera offers for your employees and your organization.

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