Employee engagement is the foundation of an effective organization that inspires and supports its employees. True employee engagement gives everyone the opportunity to share their perspective, participate in problem-solving, and gain a shared stake in the future of the organization. And, according to Gallup, high employee engagement leads to 21% greater profitability and 59% less turnover.

Vera engages with our employees in various ways to make sure everyone has the opportunity to be involved (and we even have a team member whose main focus is employee engagement). We measure engagement through our eNPS, surveys, and forums for anonymous feedback. We achieve engagement by offering opportunities for continuous learning, development, celebrating employees, supporting their health and well-being, and pursuing diversity, equity, justice and inclusion. 


How Vera measures employee engagement 

Our eNPS Engagement Survey is a tool that measures our eNPS (employee net promoter score). This score indicates how likely each employee is to recommend Vera to friends and family and identifies factors that impact the employee experience the most. 


The eNPS Engagement Survey asks questions to find out what employees are experiencing and feeling — in terms of belonging, well-being, resilience, burnout, workload, and manager and team dynamics. Employees help us understand all facets of their experience by providing ratings on a set of factors: from career development and empowerment to culture and recognition. We use this survey data to guide strategic initiatives and company-wide programs, so we can build a company culture that truly represents the needs of our employees. 

Our employees can also share their feedback, concerns, or questions through multiple feedback forums. Through an internal feedback form within our intranet, employees can share thoughts or questions related to business strategy, operational improvements, personal experiences, or general concerns. 

Employees also share their experiences publicly on Glassdoor, offering a transparent lens for us to continue to improve the employee and member experiences. Here are some other ways employees share feedback, including celebrations of what’s working well and opportunities for improvement.


How Vera empowers continuous learning and development  

Vera is dedicated to building a culture that empowers every employee to thrive. We engage employees by helping them set goals and navigate career development. 


Through regular one-on-one check-ins, every employee has the opportunity to connect with their manager to talk through everyday challenges and successes. 

Through performance conversations, employees meet with their manager to document development goals, make plans, track progress, and celebrate wins. 

Employees also have several development opportunities outside of their day-to-day work, through involvement in organization-wide initiatives like our Whole Health Council or diversity-focused RISE Committee. 


How Vera encourages employees’ well-being

The Vera Whole Health Council works to create a culture that prioritizes physical wellness, emotional health, and social well-being for employees. The Whole Health Council is made up of people from different levels and departments of our organization, and their mission is to educate and empower everyone at Vera to take charge of their health. 


Since the Council is made up of employees on the ground, they bring informal employee feedback to the group. They use that data, combined with eNPS survey data about current employee needs, to shape more supportive environments so that every employee can take opportunities to care for their health and well-being. 


How Vera pursues diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion

The need for diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion in healthcare is real and present. Patients need to know that their diversity is being reflected by healthcare professionals of different races and cultures so that they can receive better care — and achieve equitable outcomes. At Vera, we are developing a diverse employee population and an environment where everyone feels able to bring their best selves to work. 


To address inequities in health outcomes for patients, healthcare needs to be transformed from the inside out, through thoughtful diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives that engage employees. Equity means that every employee should have the ability to speak up. Inclusion means that everyone’s voice should be heard. Our approach to engaging employees about DEI is called the RISE (diveRsity, Inclusion, juStice, Equity) Roadmap.


The RISE Roadmap

The RISE Committee is made up of people from across our organization and from self-identifying diverse demographics. This committee helps guide short-term and long-term DEI goals for Vera. With their guidance, we’re following the RISE Roadmap: our plan for pursuing diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity at Vera. Here’s how we are engaging employees along the way: 

1. Respond & Communicate

We’ve opened a platform, Employee Voice sessions, for company-wide conversations on diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

2. Listen & Learn

Through Employee Voice sessions and surveys, we create a space for every employee’s voice to be heard. 

3. Build a strategic plan

Our RISE Committee is developing a mission and objectives to guide us towards more diverse, inclusive, just, and equitable practices.

4. Commit & Act

To help all of our employees engage with our pursuit of diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity, we will share our strategic plan and objectives through quarterly initiatives and sessions. 

Meaningful change takes time to create, and it’s only possible when we listen to our employees and respond with action. Vera will continue to learn from our employees and commit time and resources to amplify their voices. 

If this sounds like a team you’d like to be a part of, check out our open positions and apply today!

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