There’s a lot going on at Vera these days as we combine with Castlight Health to improve patient health outcomes together. If you’re a member of a Vera care team or have considered applying for a position at Vera, you might wonder what this partnership means for you and your ability to deliver meaningful care.

Here are a few of the ways Vera and Castlight are focused on transforming patient experiences, health, and well-being.

Vera-September---What-Combining-Connected-Navigation-With-APC-Means-for-Care-Teams-01Encouraging deeper levels of patient engagement

Vera providers are trained in empathetic listening. This training, alongside longer appointment times and supportive and welcoming care center environments, empowers patients to engage with their own health journeys. 

Improving outcomes through engagement is also an area in which Castlight Health is deeply committed. Their navigation technology emphasizes personalization, preventing patients from feeling like mere numbers within a system. Integrated tools, such as self-reported goals and health assessments, offer yet another avenue to increase engagement.

Removing barriers by promoting convenience

Vera-September---What-Combining-Connected-Navigation-With-APC-Means-for-Care-Teams-02Convenience plays a large role in patient health and behavior. It’s one of the reasons we’ve integrated virtual care into advanced primary care (APC), and it’s why our care center networks offer patients a medical home where they can receive 80-90% of the care they need. 

Digital navigation extends that convenience even further by providing patients with access to comprehensive benefit information in one location, easing the burden of decision-making. Providers and patients also have access to:

  • Detailed health records
  • Tools like automated reminders for health milestones and schedules

Vera-September---What-Combining-Connected-Navigation-With-APC-Means-for-Care-Teams-03Tailoring healthcare to individuals with personalization

Castlight Health achieves an extraordinary level of personalization by gathering deep troves of data. Not only is this data utilized through the platform, but Vera care teams also have access to it, enabling them to create personalized care plans for patients.

When combined with the strong patient-provider relationships that are key to the APC model, teams can build a comprehensive understanding of each individual’s unique health history and needs.

Vera-September---What-Combining-Connected-Navigation-With-APC-Means-for-Care-Teams-04Improving outcomes via preventive care

One of the reasons APC is so effective at improving health outcomes and reducing total cost of care is because prevention is thoroughly integrated into the model. Concerns are treated before they become major issues, and access to screenings and behavioral support contribute to these improved outcomes. 

With Castlight’s connected navigation, employees are further encouraged and incentivized to partake in preventive activities that contribute to their health and well-being.

The future of healthcare has arrived

We’re proud to be working with Castlight to enrich the quality of care patients receive and enhance their healthcare experiences in the digital realm. Like Vera, Castlight is committed to revolutionizing the healthcare industry by focusing on the needs of patients and ensuring care teams are supported in their mission to improve patient health outcomes.

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