“By spending time with patients, primary care physicians have the opportunity to get a full picture of the patient’s health, including outside factors that influence it. In particular, providers in value-based care models, who are responsible for the total cost of care for their patients, have every incentive and more flexibility than most insurers to offer services and programs that lead to better care and lower costs.”

— Excerpt from Innovation in Medicare Advantage Begins With Doctors, American Journal of Managed Care

For Dr. Christopher Chen, the author of the article above, robust primary care models are at the center of successful healthcare plans. In the article, he outlines the ways in which Medicare Advantage allows physicians to better engage their patients. He notes that a benefit plan that includes more time for physician-patient interaction, empathetic listening practices, and coordinated care results in better care and lower costs.

In fact, the article cites a 33.6% reduction in ER visits, 28% fewer hospital admissions, and 25.7% fewer inpatient hospital days on average, when utilizing coordinated care models similar to Vera Whole Health.

At Vera, these practices are at the core of our managed care model that we use to engage patients in a four-part health program. So what’s included?

The Annual Whole Health Evaluation

  1. Biometric Screening  Quick measurements and blood draw to get initial numbers
  2. Health Assessment  A survey to learn about patient’s current health lifestyle
  3. Provider Wellness Exam  60-minute appointment with a provider to discuss health history and current issues
  4. Introduction to Health Coaching  Time with a health coach to create an achievable path toward accomplishing the patient's wellness goals

By engaging patients to utilize on-site clinics, Vera encourages patients to seek out preventive care. By focusing on empathetic listening practices and offering more time with physicians, Vera empowers patients to change their behavior and live healthier lives. By coordinating care at all levels, Vera manages a patient’s health more effectively while lowering costs.

The future of healthcare is in primary care.

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