As an employer or payer, you want to offer world-class programs and services to help your members manage their health and well-being. But, increasing costs, engagement challenges, solution fatigue, and an unclear ROI make maximizing the value of your health and benefits investments uniquely challenging. 

More than a solution — a proven solution

At Vera, we believe the solution is to put patients at the center of their own healthcare journeys, providing empathetic care that’s tailored to meet their specific needs. Our advanced primary care (APC) model has proven that this method of care delivery actually works, allowing purchasers to accomplish and exceed their goals.

vera_castlightWe’ve combined with Castlight Health to offer a joint solution that extends this principle even further. It’s great news for purchasers interested in controlling costs, improving health outcomes, and increasing member engagement. Combining APC with a digital front door gives your members a unified, connected way to engage with, and participate in, their own health journeys. Here’s what it means for you:

Graphic 2-Jun-01-2022-03-50-43-30-PMGreater connectivity

This combined solution gives purchasers an improved ability to connect with members. At Vera, we’ve always supported employers and payers in designing customized outreach and engagement strategies. Now, we can enhance those abilities through an intuitive digital navigation hub that allows for the creation of surveys and even events.

A forward-thinking approach

As healthcare and technology quickly evolve, members increasingly expect their healthcare experiences to be more flexible, personalized, and convenient. Solutions that merely maintain the status quo simply won’t cut it.

The APC model embraces innovation in order to build care delivery around the specific needs of members. Now, with the combined Vera and Castlight Health solution, purchasers will have increased access to cutting-edge technology and tools.

Data-driven transformationGraphic 3-Jun-01-2022-03-51-23-71-PM

Data-driven insights help Vera better target and serve the needs of specific populations, reducing gaps in care and promoting the preventive treatments and behaviors that will have the greatest impact. Now, with Castlight Health, we will provide purchasers with increased insights into rich member data. Data at the individual level across the full population makes care gaps visible, clinical targets achievable, and value-based care possible.

Accessibility and transparency

Too often, modern healthcare is opaque for members who desire access to straightforward information on prices and available health services. Together, Vera and Castlight offer a next-generation model of care.

The health revolution is here

As a combined organization, Vera and Castlight Health are transforming how patients experience care, how providers deliver care, and how employers and other purchasers pay for care.

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