As a payer, you likely serve multiple populations — and every population has unique needs and risks. There’s a proven way to offer value-based care to all populations (including Medicare Advantage) while easily managing point solutions for each group — and more.

Read more to learn a few key benefits.

vera_icon_heart-check-apcBenefit 1: Simplified care delivery

Vera’s advanced primary care (APC) is a value-based model that makes delivering 1:1 population health possible. When you partner with a single primary care vendor equipped to offer primary care solutions to all populations, you’ll gain control over (and reduce the complexity of) care delivery — and benefit from streamlined system integration.  

vera_icon_dollar-cost-money-price-1Benefit 2: Reduced total cost of care

When you spend more for primary care initially, other costs then go down. APC drives more utilization through primary care — which is sufficient to provide 80-90 percent of all care needs. The result is a dramatic return on investment through reduced specialist care visits, decreases in hospital and urgent care utilization, and lower drug costs. There’s another way to see “reduced total cost of care:” big savings for your clients. 

star-plus-greenBenefit 3: More consistent quality

APC allows payers like you to offer clients a value-based model that aligns financial incentives around health outcomes. By adopting APC, you’ll dramatically improve health outcomes — giving you a competitive advantage over other payers. Improved quality and greater consistency means higher HEDIS quality scores and increased CMS Star Ratings for Medicare Advantage populations, too. 

icon-top-person-heartBenefit 4: A richer member experience

APC gives your clients access to a more holistic experience by providing whole person care through additional solutions including:

  • Behavioral health 
  • Physical therapy
  • Health coaches
  • Virtual appointments
  • Integrated care coordination

Partnering with the right primary care vendor will equip you to pilot new care approaches more easily, construct an ideal member experience across all populations, and prioritize members’ specific needs.

APC for every person

By working with an APC vendor like Vera, you’ll make the leap into value-based care and provide best-in-class primary care solutions for all populations at the same time. It’s a surefire way to get ahead of the competition and provide your clients with benefits and outcomes they truly need. 

Learn why APC is proven to drive real outcomes. Read our free guide.

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