An exceptional member experience is the most effective way to ensure that you can acquire and retain more members and grow your market share.

But it’s difficult to influence when you have little control over care delivery beyond negotiating reimbursement costs. Getting into the business of care delivery means taking control over the member experience. And advanced primary care (APC) is the best, most effective entry into delivery. Learn the basics of advanced primary care here.

person-health-green_icon How Advanced Primary Care Transforms The Member Experience

APC goes beyond symptomatic treatment and improves the bio, psycho, and social health of every member in care centers focused solely on primary care delivery. Payers who implement APC can give their members an entirely unexpected member experience, including:

  • Longer appointments that allow patients to talk and providers to listen — a space in which patients feel heard and can therefore trust in their provider
  • Empathetic listening that goes beyond prescriptive medicine, building relational connection and understanding of a person’s whole health
  • Clinically integrated health coaches who use the transtheoretical change model to help patients improve their lifestyles and achieve life goals
  • Providers equipped to meet the specific needs of their member panels, whether general population or Medicare Advantage

rotating-arrows-health_icon What Happens When Specialty Care Is Needed?

In the APC model, care centers provide a medical hub for members. Between 80-90% of the care is provided in the primary care setting.

The care team will coordinate care when specialty care is appropriate, including follow-up and integration into the member’s care plan back at the care center.

This type of coordination prevents gaps in communication and treatment. It’s especially beneficial to Medicare Advantage populations who are often managing multiple chronic conditions.

19.12_up-trend-graph_vera_december-blog-graphics_1 But What About Health Outcomes?

An improved member experience will help with acquisition and retention of new members, but does it also solve for improved health outcomes? Absolutely.

APC leverages an informatics platform that identifies health risk opportunities and provides actionable insight into utilization so that outreach efforts can focus on providing the specific care needed by each segment of the population.

By providing better care to these populations, overall population health outcomes increase. Through APC, Payers are able to improve the member experience and health outcomes, ultimately bringing more value to its members and grow your market share.

To learn more about APC download our ebook: Advanced Primary Care: The Front Line Of A Health Revolution.

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