Happy and healthy employees help sustain a productive workplace, with higher morale and fewer absences. Investing in the health and happiness of your workforce also leads to positive impacts on insurance premiums and worker’s compensation claims.

Vera - On Site Care Centers - graphic1In their Workplace Health Model, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that, “To improve the health of their employees, businesses can create a wellness culture that is employee-centered; provides supportive environments where safety is ensured and health can emerge; and provides access and opportunities for their employers to engage in a variety of workplace health programs.”

Vera - On Site Care Centers - graphic2Effective retention strategies, such as robust benefits programs, hold more importance than ever now that the Great Resignation is causing historic numbers of workers to quit their jobs . When access to care is limited and costs continue to rise, employees are less healthy and satisfied. This increases the chance they will look elsewhere for career opportunities where they can thrive, leaving their employers with the high cost of replacing them. The Work Institute found that replacing an employee can cost up to 33% of that employee’s annual salary. 

On-site care centers increase the likelihood that employees will seek routine care and take ownership of their health journeys.

The four one-sheets below demonstrate how investing in the happiness and health of your employees increases productivity, improves retention, and decreases costs.

Vera_On_Site_Care_Centers_Graphic3_Large1. Evaluating On-Site Clinics: Better Health Outcomes and Cost Savings for Your Organization

On-site primary care centers give employees access to a dedicated primary care team and services right where they work. This means you’re able to meet the majority of your employees’ medical needs and contain costs, while making referrals and specialist care less necessary. A care center is an investment in your employees’ health and your business that will provide returns long into the future.

Some organizations are aware that a primary care and worksite care center might have a positive impact on their employees, but they are concerned about the up-front expense. This one-sheet contains a list of questions allowing you to evaluate whether an on-site clinic is the right option for your organization.

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Vera_On_Site_Care_Centers_Graphic4_Large2. C-Suite Conversations: Saving Money by Investing in More Primary Care

Your organization’s success is dependent on a thriving, healthy workforce. However, rising healthcare costs make getting there more difficult than ever. In the face of these challenges, old-fashioned, fee-for-service healthcare approaches no longer work. Innovative care models are required.

In this one-sheet, we outline the five questions to discuss with your leadership team to help you save money when you’re building a healthy workforce with the help of primary care. Included are considerations to help you determine whether a dedicated care center could meet your needs.

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Vera_On_Site_Care_Centers_Graphic5_Large3. How Care Centers Help You Offer Competitive Benefits — Without Sacrificing Salary

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever and attracting and retaining employees requires great benefits packages. For employers, this can present challenges — no matter how much you want to give your employees everything they want, the money for those benefits has to come from somewhere.

On-site or near-site primary care is an ideal solution for many businesses, helping them improve health outcomes, while containing overall cost of care. If that sounds too good to be true, this one-sheet explains how and why it works.

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Vera_On_Site_Care_Centers_Graphic6_Large4. How Healthcare Impacts Employee Productivity: The Benefits of an On-Site Clinic

When employees have access to on-site primary care, it affects each step of their healthcare journeys, including how they interact with their providers and even the likelihood they will participate in basic preventative care, such as scheduling annual physicals.

This one-sheet walks you through the difference an on-site clinic can make. See how two different employees, one with access to an on-site clinic and one without, attempt to address their health concerns.

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Vera - On Site Care Centers - graphic7At Vera Whole Health we’re making healthcare more effective and affordable. Dedicated primary care teams build trusting relationships with members, increasing engagement and improving health outcomes. 

For example, when we established a Vera on-site clinic at Seattle Children’s, it resulted in improved employee health and nearly 16 million dollars in savings over five years. Increased employee engagement was a key factor in driving those results.

If you’re looking for an effective strategy to improve retention and keep your workforce productive and satisfied, an on-site primary care center could be the solution you’re looking for. Have questions? Our team will work with you to ensure your employees have access to the resources they need to improve their health without increasing total cost of care.

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