Happy, healthy employees play an integral role in creating and sustaining a productive, robust workplace.

Limited access to care and rising costs lead to unhappy, unhealthy employees who are likely to look elsewhere for career opportunities where they can thrive.

With on-site care centers, employees are more likely to seek routine care, and to take ownership of their health. This leads to a happier, more productive workplace.

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Check out the five one-sheets below to see how happier employees improve productivity and decrease costs.

The Top 5 Selling Points: One-Sheets For Your Reference

19.12_up-trend-graph_vera_december-blog-graphics_11. How Onsite Primary Care Reduces Costs and Helps Your Company Thrive

On-site primary care centers give employees access to a dedicated primary care team and services right where they work. This means that employees are more likely to seek routine care, leading to improved overall health.

Because the majority of employees’ health needs can be addressed onsite, costs are contained as referrals and specialists care are often unnecessary.

Vera_icon_$-with-check2. C-Suite Conversations: Saving Money by Investing in More Primary Care

A thriving, healthy workforce is critical to your organization’s success. But how do you get there in the midst of rising healthcare costs?

We outline the five questions to discuss with your leadership team to help you save money, while building a healthy workforce with primary care.

benefits-medal_icon_vera3. How Care Centers Help You Offer Competitive Benefits — Without Sacrificing Salary

In today’s job market, employees expect great benefits. For employers, that can present challenges — no matter how much you want to give your employees everything they want, the money for those benefits has to come from somewhere.

This one-sheet walks through the reasons why many businesses are introducing onsite or near-site primary care, all while containing costs.

onsite-facility4. How Healthcare Impacts Employee Productivity: The Benefits of an Onsite Clinic

Primary care, delivered effectively, results in better population health management and lower costs overall.

In this one-sheet, we walk you through how on-site care centers improve the delivery of primary care for your workforce, so employees are healthier, more satisfied, and more productive.

savings_icon_vera5. Evaluating Onsite Clinics: Better Health Outcomes and Cost Savings for Your Organization

Upfront, build-out costs can be intimidating. However, a care center is an investment in your employees’ health and your business. This investment will offer robust long-term returns.

We’ll guide you through the questions you’ll need to ask yourself to determine if an onsite primary care center is right for you.

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