As your launch date approaches, it’s a good time to reflect on the months of hard work you’ve put in.

Recall your own process of discovery; on-site clinics aren’t just a way to reduce costs. They’re a proven approach to healthcare that drive positive health outcomes. They’re the best way to care for your employees and your business.Use these thoughts to drive your launch and promotional material. During this phase, Vera communication teams work closely with your HR leaders to communicate as often and across as many channels as possible.

Read more from the seventh chapter of of our recent eBook:  A Strategic Guide to Planning and Launching An On-Site Clinic.

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1. Embrace a Discovery-Oriented Process

After being introduced to the unique approach of an on-site clinic model, employees will have a lot of questions. For most of them, an on-site clinic is a whole new way to receive healthcare. Your vendor should work closely with you to provide all the answers your employees need.

*Avoid information overload: successful communication is a balancing act. Build employee knowledge slowly and they’ll retain everything better.

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2. Focus on Information Dissemination & Over Communicate

Use multiple channels like flyers, email, and workshops to communicate information, but don’t make messages overly complicated. Make sure communications also come from different sources, especially department heads and members of your leadership team.

The main key here: never assume anyone is thinking about something the same way. Get things on the table and make sure everyone understands the facts in the same way.

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3. Start Talking About Incentives Early

Make sure employees understand what their incentives are worth, how they work, and why they’re important.

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4. Regular Meetings Matter

Workshops and face-to-face meetings with clinic staff offer a chance for
employees to get to know their new clinic staff.

Simple and straightforward works best. Communicate the benefits of the clinic to employees and implement the ideas we’ve shared in this free guide. Before you know it, your clinic will be full. Once your clinic launches, regular, patient- focused materials will keep employees excited and informed all year long.

a strategic guide to planning and launching an on-site clinic - download white paper

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