The right healthcare model, administered the right way, can dramatically improve employee health and drive down costs. At the core of our health plan is advanced primary care, a methodology that provides better outcomes and cost-savings. Below, we discuss four benefits that our brand of primary care delivers for employers.

1) Reduce healthcare spend

Vera_icon_+-$-simpleAdvanced primary care delivered via dedicated primary care teams makes it easier for employees to improve their health, which drives down costs. Easy scheduling, time-rich appointments, and little to no copays minimize several common obstacles to care. That allows employees to engage more fully in their health and improve their own well-being. As a result, claims go down, along with expensive hospital stays and trips to acute care or the ER.

  • Companies who partner with us historically see a 17-21% reduction in overall healthcare costs
  • Seattle Children’s has seen an 80% drop in hospital stays and $3.5 million in net savings
  • The City of Kirkland saw 41% ROI and a 17% drop in claims reduction in Year 1 alone

2) Build a company culture of health

Vera_icon_person-+When outcomes improve, healthier behaviors and lifestyle choices spread throughout the organization, making health a pillar of company culture rather than a hopeful byproduct. Here’s how we make that possible. Our advanced primary care model keeps the entire care team, including health coaches, up to date on patient whole health plans. They’re able to give employees the support and guidance they need at each step to make informed, practical changes that improve their physical, psychological, and social well-being at work and in their personal lives.

3) Increase productivity, reduce absenteeism

Vera_icon_clockVera partners also see positive returns on productivity and staffing. In our healthcare methodology, most consultation, diagnosis, testing, and treatment is performed onsite at the primary care level. Employees aren't bounced around between specialists or medical facilities (except when specialty care is necessary).

This helps to optimize employee time, so they can get in for the care they need when they need it, then get back to work. They no longer have to schedule whole days off to see a doctor and employers don’t have to account for as many staff coverages.

4) Attract and retain top talent

Vera_icon_person-with-starInvesting in primary care shows your workforce and any potential employees that you value their health and well-being. This sets your organization apart from similar competitors in a crowded labor market.

As the first direct-to-consumer onsite clinic provider in the US to earn a Certificate of Validation from the Care Innovations Validation Institute, we’ve shown our care model to be effective. Advanced primary care is an innovative, cost-saving solution to improve population health with clear benefits for employers and their employees. Partner with us to make it part of your company health plan.

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