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Will The Future Of Healthcare Be Far More Affordable?

Two years ago, Deloitte published a report on the future of health with substantial predictions that challenge historic trends. As we enter the second year of...

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How to Get Key Stakeholders to Support Advanced Primary Care

Even champions of an advanced primary care (APC) model likely can’t do it alone. 

Adopting an APC model without the support of key stakeholders — including...

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The Valley Health System Partners With Vera Whole Health To Open Two Primary Care Centers

The Valley Health System and Vera Whole Health have partnered to open two primary care centers. The Valley Health Care Centers powered by Vera Whole Health...

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5 Things To Watch For When Evaluating Advanced Primary Care Vendors

One of the best ways to control the total cost of care and improve health outcomes is by integrating an advanced primary care solution into your benefit...

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The Future Of Employer-Sponsored Insurance

A recent post at Health Evolution  discussed four ways innovation can inspire employers to be more creative about their benefit strategies while garnering...

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Winter Thriving Guide

It can be tempting to start the year with the bang of fireworks you experience at the stroke of midnight and swiftly seek to jumpstart change in different...

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Caring For The "Apparently Healthy": The Key To Controlling Healthcare Costs Long-Term

The fee-for-service health care system has created an environment in which even the most basic care can be either ignored or delayed. This happens for a...

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Why Increased Investment In Primary Care Reduces Your Total Cost Of Care

Providers often find themselves tied to ineffective care-delivery systems that are focused on serving populations from numerous payers both with...

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Ready To Launch Your Advanced Primary Care Solution?

Advanced primary care (APC) is a new way of looking at healthcare. Creating an APC solution takes a significant upfront investment, and breaking old thinking...

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Pairing Telehealth & Care Coordination For Better Care For Medicare Advantage Populations

In 2020, Medicare Advantage (MA) began covering telehealth visits. This change was driven in large part by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a survey...

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The Pandemic Accelerates The Shift To Value-Based Advanced Primary Care Models

Over the last 11 months, the American healthcare system has been stretched to the breaking point.

In the past few months alone a new surge of COVID-19 cases...

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Health Coaching Drives Positive Health Outcomes By Putting Patients In The Driver's Seat

"Patients are the most underused resource in health care." — Dr. Warner Slack