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Health Coaching Drives Positive Health Outcomes By Putting Patients In The Driver's Seat

"Patients are the most underused resource in health care." — Dr. Warner Slack

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New Guide: How To Expand Employee Benefits While Keeping Costs Under Control

An effective benefit strategy must support the health, wellness, and morale of employees — but it also needs to do more than that. An exceptional benefit...

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4 Big Healthcare Trends To Watch In 2021

Early signals point to another year of transformation in healthcare, as the effects of COVID-19 will leave their long-term mark. Now it’s time to think about...

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3 Resources To Help Payers Gain A Competitive Edge In 2021

Changing market conditions and the long-term effects of COVID-19 mean one thing for certain: payers will need to be prepared to pivot if they want to earn a...

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Why Value-Based Care Is Needed Now More Than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the shortcomings of the fee-for-service model of healthcare, as this article from Bloomberg Law illustrates. This article...

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The Best of 2020: 5 Insights That Show How A Focus On Patient Outcomes Creates Value

2020 has been a turning point for the future of healthcare. As providers and payers continue to look for ways to provide the best care in the year to come,...

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How Providers Can Encourage Behavior Change During COVID-19

Self-care has become a regular topic of conversation as people look for effective ways to cope with stress, uncertainty, constant change, and other...

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How To Solve Care Fragmentation Challenges For Medicare Advantage Patients

Medicare Advantage (MA) populations face unique health challenges, and if payers want to gain a competitive advantage in this market, they need to offer a...

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Employees Matter: How Supporting Your Team Makes Advanced Primary Care Possible

True care goes beyond treating symptoms. It’s also about creating a supportive environment and a better experience for both your care teams and patients....

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New Resource — Value-Based Care: What It Is, Why It’s Important, And The Best Way To Deliver It

The fee-for-service system of healthcare won’t be sustainable for much longer. Payers who move quickly towards providing value-based care will gain an...

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5 Ways To Strengthen Member Engagement Right Now

Effective member engagement educates your members and motivates them to take ownership of their health. If you want to strengthen your member engagement,...

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New Resource — Telehealth is Essential: Here’s How To Implement A Solution

There’s no denying that telehealth is now an essential mode of healthcare delivery. Providers are relying on remote care to connect with patients during the...