Apple is getting into the healthcare business. Under the moniker AC Wellness, the company that revolutionized technology and perfected the customer experience is focusing efforts on improving the health of its employees by diving directly into healthcare. Here’s what they think that experience will look like.

“AC Wellness Network believes that having trusting, accessible relationships with our patients, enabled by technology, promotes high-quality care and a unique patient experience. This is fostered by an environment of continuous learning and teamwork, which in turn allows us to work with our patients to achieve exceptional health outcomes.”

Want to learn more about crafting the perfect patient experience? Read our white paper: A new clinical experience that’s breaking the healthcare mold.

Why are Apple and other major organizations like Amazon getting into healthcare? We think it’s because they're tired of a broken system that thrives on sick-care rather than healthcare. Vera Whole Health agrees. Here's how we're fixing it at our on-site clinics.

We focus on the patient experience.

Apple’s meteoric rise to become of the most successful companies in the world was predicated on its commitment to customer experiences. In healthcare, the same condition should apply. Creating the best possible patient experience will inevitably lead to increased engagement and utilization that drives positive health outcomes.

We have dedicated care teams.

Driving positive health outcomes for patients isn’t done by a single person or provider. It’s done by a team. Vera’s dedicated care teams include a provider, health coach, and medical staff who work in partnership with each other and with a patient to develop a personalized care plan.

We drive behavior change.

It’s easy to say you’re influencing positive behavior change, but it’s another thing to truly impact it. To see real, lasting behavior change takes time, commitment, and investment. Vera’s commitment to driving positive behavior change is evidenced by its commitment to full-time health coaches in each clinic. Health coaches work closely with patients to drive health outcomes that acknowledge a patient's barriers to better health and help them make realistic plans to achieve their goals.

We increase engagement.

The best benefits in the world don’t do any good if no one uses them. Increasing engagement is the only way to improve overall population health outcomes. Clear communication strategies and valuable incentives are just two of the ways in which Vera creates and sustains high engagement rates. Two years after opening, Vera’s clinic with the City of Kirkland had sustained an engagement rate of 90%.

We create a feedback loop.

Improved health doesn’t happen overnight. Creating a positive feedback loop for patients is essential to securing better health for them in the future. At Vera, providers and health coaches partner with patients and empower them to take ownership of their own health. This relationship fosters positive feedback loops that drive patients to utilize their clinic for the majority of their medical care.

Apple’s move also signals a major change to their benefit strategy. Find out what goes into designing the perfect benefit strategy in our new white paper: Benefit Strategies Design: Solving an Impossible Task.

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