Apple is maintaining its footing in the healthcare business. Under the moniker AC Wellness, the company that revolutionized technology and perfected the customer experience is focusing efforts on improving the health of its employees by diving directly into healthcare.

Here’s what they first anticipated that experience would look like:

“AC Wellness Network believes that having trusting, accessible relationships with our patients, enabled by technology, promotes high-quality care and a unique patient experience. This is fostered by an environment of continuous learning and teamwork, which in turn allows us to work with our patients to achieve exceptional health outcomes.” —

Why are Apple and other major organizations like Amazon getting into healthcare? We think it’s because they're tired of a broken system that thrives on sick-care rather than healthcare.

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We agree. We believe that payers should also be getting into the business of care. Here's how we're fixing it at our onsite clinics.

We focus on the member experience


Apple’s meteoric rise to become of the most successful companies in the world was predicated on its commitment to customer experiences. In healthcare, the same condition should apply. Creating the best possible member experience will inevitably lead to increased engagement and utilization that drives positive health outcomes.

This is challenging in most primary care environments for a simple reason. A provider practice typically serves members from many payers, each with different care models and goals. This makes it difficult for providers to deliver on the member experience desired by a specific payer.

However, by partnering with Vera, payers can help design the member experience, creating better alignment between care delivery and overall health goals.

When the payers have aligned incentives and goals with their care delivery partners, they are able to provide a richer member experience.

We have dedicated care teams who drive health outcomes


Positive health outcomes can’t be achieved by a single person or provider. It takes a team effort. Vera’s dedicated care teams include a provider, health coach, and medical staff who work in partnership with each other and with a member to develop a personalized care plan.

To see real, lasting behavior change takes commitment. Full-time health coaches work closely with patients to support them in achieving the goals that lead to lasting change and improved health outcomes.

The Vera Advanced Primary Care model includes primary care providers who have the time, support, and staff to provide most of a person’s care — care that in today’s system is being outsourced to specialists. The team can include integrated behavioral health services and social workers for Medicare advantage members.

When the right people, the right information, and aligned incentives come together, it leads to better population health management and lower total costs of care.

We increase engagement


The best benefits in the world don’t do any good if no one uses them. Increasing engagement is the only way to improve population health outcomes.

Effective member communication and the right incentives, when appropriate, are just two of the ways Vera creates and sustains high engagement rates.

We create a feedback loop


Improved health doesn’t happen overnight. At Vera, providers and health coaches partner with members. This relationship fosters positive feedback loops that drive patients to utilize their clinic for the majority of their medical care.

Delivering better care at the primary level

By getting into care delivery like Apple, payers can have a direct impact on the right kind of utilization, improved care coordination, and a better member experience.

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